MS Software Engineering

  • Male & Female Students

Graduate degree in Software Engineering (MSSE) is aimed to develop student’s understanding of the local and global software industry challenges and to research solutions for them. Graduates are encouraged to carry out empirical research in close cooperation with software houses. MSSE degree requires students to write a research thesis contributing to Software Engineering body of knowledge.

Software Engineering Core Courses 12 CHrs
Software Engineering Elective Courses 12 CHrs
Research Thesis 9 CHrs
Total 33 CHrs
Software Systems Engineering Research Group carries out research with the focus on Empirical Software Engineering. This research groups supports student research. It holds separate weekly meetings for both male and female students. Over the last three years, group members have produced many publications. SSEL is currently working on following projects:

Software Development Outsourcing Trust Framework (SOTF) project in collaboration with Software Engineering Research Group, Keele University UK.
Concept Mapping Approach for Software Engineering Curriculum project in collaboration with Department of Computer Science, Kent State University, Ohio, USA.

Admission Criteria:
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Scheme of Studies

Study Plan

First Semester
Code Course Title Cr. Hr
SE511 Requirements Engineering 3
SE531 Software Systems Architecture 3
SE601 Research Methods in SE 3
SE5xx Software Engineering Elective I 3
Second Semester
SE571 Software Systems Quality 3
SE5xx Software Engineering Elective II 3
SE5xx Software Engineering Elective III 3
SE5xx Software Engineering Elective IV 3
Third  & Fourth Semester
SE700 Thesis 9
MSSE Elective Courses
Advanced Software Architecture
Agent-Oriented Software Engineering
Agile Software Development
Business Process Re-Engineering
Design Patterns
Distributed Software Development Management
Formal Methods
Global Software Development
Human Factors in Computing
Model-Based Software Testing
Model-Driven Software Development
Personal Software Process
Reverse Engineering
Risk Management
Software Costing and Estimation
Software Engineering Management
Software Metrics
Software Processes
Software Reliability
Value-Based Software Engineering
The above given list is tentative and department may offer any other Software Engineering course as elective.

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