BS Software Engineering

  • Male & Female Students
  • Accredited by NCEAC, HEC
BS Software Engineering degree is focused on preparing for future job roles in software industry. It transforms students to work as Software Engineer, Enterprise Solution Developer, Software Architect, Systems Engineer, Business Analyst and Software Quality Engineer in software industry.
BS Software Engineering degree is spread over 8 semesters/4 years and cover course of 133 Cr Hours. The degree contains vast set of courses pertaining to the principles of analysis, design and development of software, courses from Computer Science, Mathematics, Management and Humanities, to develop a broader knowledge base.
Software Engineering Core Courses 58 CHrs
Software Engineering Elective Courses 21 CHrs
General Education Courses 54 CHrs
Total 133 CHrs
Admission Criteria:
Eligibility: As per Advertisement
Scheme of Studies
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