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Faculty and Staff – Education

Faculty and Staff

Dr. N. B. Jumani (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Professor of Education, Director, Directorate of Distance Education
Ph.D (Education), Post Doctorate (Australia) Certificate in Modern Distance Education (China), M.Phil (Education), M.Ed. (Curriculum Development), Fellow of Royal Society of Arts UK (FRSA), Certificate on Academic leadership(U.K), Certificate on Training for Impact(Netherlands)
Fields of Specialization: Teacher Education, Curriculum Development and Distance Education
Email: [email protected] [1] and [email protected] [2]
Dr. Muhammad Munir Kayani (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Associate Professor/Chairman
Ph.D (Education), Post Doc in E-Learning (UK)
Areas of Interest: Distance Education, Educational Psychology, Curriculum Development and Teachers Training
Field of Specialization: Science Education, E-Learning and Teacher Education
Email: [email protected] [3]
Dr. Azhar Mahmood (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Associate Professor
Post Doctorate (USA) (Educational Leadership)
Field of Specialization: Educational Leadership
Areas of Interest: Educational Leadership, Educational Psychology, Research Design, Child Psychology, Organizational Behaviour
Email: [email protected] [4]
Dr. Syed Asad Abbas Rizvi (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Assistant Professor
Post Doctorate from Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), University of Toronto, Toronto Canada, Ph.D (Education), M.A Arabic & Islamic Studies, M.Ed (Educational Administration), Certified Quality Professional (CQP) from PIQC, Fellow, of Royal Society of Arts, UK (FRSA), Member Global Psychology and Language Research Association.
Areas of interest: Teacher Education, Islamic Philosophy.
Area of Specialization: Teacher Assessment, Edumatrics , Cultural Diversity in Education, Semiotic Analysis
Email: [email protected] [5]
Dr. Sheikh Tariq Mehmood
Assistant Professor
PhD (Teaching of Mathematics), M. Phill (Educational Planning and Management), M.Ed (Science Education)
Field of Specialization: Educational Planning and Management
Areas of Interest: Educational Planning and Management, Human Resource Development, Teachers In-Service and Pre-service, curriculum, Physical Education, Teaching of Science Subjects
Email: [email protected] [6]
Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
Assistant Professor
Ph.d (Education)
Field of Specialization: Teacher Education, Educational Psychology
Areas of Interest: Islamic System of Education, Educational Research
E mail: [email protected] [7]
Dr. Muhammad Nasir Khan
PhD Education (PAK), Post Doctorate (Austria), Post Doctorate Oxford University (UK)
Research Associate
Field of Specialization: Curriculum Development
Areas of interest: School Education
Email: [email protected] [8]
Female Faculty Members
  Dr. Samina Malik (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Professor / Dean Faculty of Social Sciences
Phd (Education), Post Doctorate (UK)
Area of Specialization: Education
Email: [email protected] [9]
Phone: 051-9019371
Research Interests: Higher Education, Gender Issues in Education, Education Leadership, Education Psychology
Dr. Shamsa Aziz (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Associate Professor / Chairperson
M.S Ed, M.A Pol.Science, Ph.D Education, Post Doctorate (UK)
Area of Specialization: Curriculum Development, Research, Science.Education
Email: [email protected] [10]
Phone: 051-9019339
Research Interests: Educational Psychology, Pedagogy 
Dr. Shazia Naureen (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Assistant Professor
Area of Specialization: Female Education, E-Learning, Project Evaluation. Pedagogy, Foreign Assistance
Email: [email protected] [11][email protected]
Research Interests: Female Education, E-Learning, Project Evaluation. Pedagogy, Foreign Assistance, Higher Education
Phone: 051-9019841 Web Profile [12]
Dr. Munazza Mahmood
Assistant Professor
PhD & M.Phil Education
Area of Specialization: Curriculum Development
Email: [email protected] [13], [email protected]
Phone: 051-9019369
Research Interests: Curriculum Development, Educational Planning and Management, Educational Research, Guidance & Counseling, Distance learning and Educational Project Management
Dr. Zarina Akhtar (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Education)
Area of Specialization: Assessment, Research
Email: [email protected] [14]
Phone: 051-9019369
Research Interests: Educational Psychology, Pedagogy Web Profile [15]
Dr. Fouzia Ajmal
Assistant Professor
Phd Education
Email: [email protected] [16]
Phone: 051-9019842
Research Interests: 21st Century Learning, Teacher Education, Internship, Educational Psychology etc
  Ms. Alina Raza 
Teaching/Research Associate
Phd Scholar
Area of Specialization: Educational Technology 
Email: [email protected] [17]
Phone: 9019841
Research Interests: Educational Technology 
Ms. Sumaira Batool
Teaching/Research Associate
M.Phil Scholar
Area of Specialization: Learning Deficits 
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 9019841
Research Interests: Learning Deficits, Educational psychology, Curriculum development
Ms. Rabia Mumtaz
Teaching/Research Associate
MA Education
Email: [email protected] [18]
Area of Specialization: Learning Strategies, Curriculum Development
Phone: 051-9019841
  Ms. Saima Kanwal (On Study Leave)
Assistant Director (Academic Coordination)
Email: [email protected] [19]
Phone: 051-9019370