Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology, International Islamic University Islamabad feels its privilege in providing a prospect to become skilled in diverse discipline of Psychology; having relevance and scope in behaviors and minds of Humans, in the sole Islamic atmosphere grounded with Scientific and latest research findings.
Department of Psychology is formed with vision to endow students with, “Opportunity to learn Contemporary trends of Psychology at Institute proclaimed as the hub of Science, in ambience of Islam.” Executing the vision with a charge of, “building Academicians and Professionals to utilize gainful applications of Psychology, for all-embracing benefit of Islamic World” Department of Psychology in a very limited epoch has commenced many academic programs. We wholeheartedly welcome competitive Scholars of globe to join us in our mission.
Main prominence of department during teaching and research is on Clinical Psychology, Psychological testing and Neurological perspectives. In addition with Psychiatric disorders in general the department portrays special interest in the areas of Psychological trauma (PTSD), Neuropsychological disorders, addiction (which is a very serious problem in this country), integration of mental health, construction and adaptation of psychological testing.

  1. To perform a lead role in preparing and updating competent Professionals Psychologists of different fields so that they can deeply nurtured in the Islamic environment with vision and strongly committed to the obligations of this profession.
  2. Preparing professionals at graduate and postgraduate levels in the disciplines of psychology, i.e. educational, organizational, clinical, counseling and community development to achieving the national goals of progressive and sustainable society.
  3.  To write and publish articles, papers, on various levels, types, issues and trends on psychology to fill the void of Pakistan based professional literature in the field of psychology.
  4. Integrating academic, research and development activities in the larger national interest.
  5. Share information and knowledge with various segments of society on different professional forums as a tool of lifelong learning and improvement in human capital.
  6. To provide harmony among the different levels of the community.
  7. To reduce psychological disorders from the society on national levels.
  8. To organize and participate in national, regional and international seminars and conferences in different aspects of Psychology to share experiences and forge academic bonds with the community of educators.
  9. To inculcate psychology skills in young dynamic psychologists of the country.
Current Focus
The Department of Psychology, IIU educate students at Graduate and Postgraduate levels for variety of careers in public and private organizations, operating in the areas of Clinical, Educational, Organizational, Community development, and Counseling services. Research and academics activities are the essential part of the Department of psychology.
Currently, the department offers minor and major courses in the discipline of Psychology. These courses cover a range of subjects designed to enrich the understanding of students about Psychological world around them. For this purpose they are empowered through psychological knowledge, skills and commitment to work for sustainable social institutions.