Chairman’s Message
The department of Media and Communication Studies (DMCS) has been envisioned as a centre of excellence for promoting media and communication studies in the country. We aim to accomplish this in a manner that can be useful for the media professionals, academic scholars, researchers, NGOs, policy makers and regulators. The department offers a unique opportunity to combine innovative media and communication studies with involvement in joint research projects, engaging prominent media institutions and experts of national and international repute. Efforts are underway to affiliate DMCS with internationally acclaimed teaching institutions in order to enhance excellence in learning.
The department believes that professional training and a liberal art education should be well-equipped to face the contemporary challenges. Hence, the department prepares students not only to become professionals but also to be leaders in the field of mass communication.
With its state of the art facilities, the department offers practice-based education, which is underpinned by professional knowledge and rigorous theoretical inquiry through research. The students are provided opportunities to publish their own monthly newsletter, join field visits to media organizations, and have access to a series of lectures of national and foreign scholars, as well as seminars and workshops to enhance their scholastic and professional skills, in addition to their extracurricular activities. The department currently has its own television studios along with professional cameras and lighting equipment. The latest editing suites are also available alongwith other post production facilities.
Department of Media & Communications Studies
We believe in professional preparation and a liberal education that is rooted in the arts and sciences. Therefore, basic to our mission is a commitment to teach students to think critically and creatively. We prepare students to be leaders in mass communication fields and to be thoughtful, productive citizens in their communities and in public life generally. And we commit to do so in an environment that is dynamic, interactive and intellectually challenging.
We believe in producing research graduates who are rigorously educated in theoretical concepts and research methods, will engage in critical analysis of media content, performance and audiences, add to basic and applied knowledge in the field, bring critical and normative perspectives to their analysis, perform with distinction in the academic and professional worlds, and provide leadership nationally and internationally.
Our mission is not simply to be a depository of knowledge but to produce creators of knowledge.
Career Prospects
Print & Electronic Media: editors, columnists, correspondents (at national and international level) news analysts, online news editors, anchors, program producers, photojournalists, proofreaders, reporters and freelance writers (newspapers, periodicals and magazines) and academicians.
Positions: In public relations departments (public and private sectors) federal and provincial information departments, news agencies, advertising agencies (copy-writers), business organizations, research institutions, media teaching institutions, consultants, NGOs and a host of other organizations.
Academic Program
DMCS provides a unique blend of practical skills with critical analysis. The innovative type of education program aims at developing each student’s creative abilities. The courses are designed to meet existing professional standards as well as exploring ways in which creative ideas and new technologies can be combined, enhanced and redefined.
There are also courses aimed at media professionals and graduates seeking to build management carrier within the growing media and content industries.
Admission Criteria
Admission will be given on merit determined through following criteria.
Academic Qualification   40%
Admission Test              60%
Admission Prerequisites
BS Media Communication Studies – As per Advertisement
M.Sc Media and Communication Studies – As per Advertisement
M.S. Media & Communication Studies – As per Advertisement
BS & MSC Specializations at DMCS:
Upon completion of their studies the students will receive a BS or M. Sc. in Media and Communication Sciences with one of the following specializations.
  1. Print Media
  2. Electronic Media Production
  3. Advertising and Public Relations
  4. Communication Research and Theory
  5. Organizational Management and Communication 
Male Campus:
Room: Room SF-24 and SF-25, First Floor, Faculty Block-D (Social Sciences Block)
Ph: 9019523
Female Campus :
Room:A-206, Hazrat Ayesha Block, H-10 Islamabad
Ph: 9019376