Directorate of Distance Learning

International Islamic University, Islamabad is an international seat of Islamic learning in Pakistan, which provides every opportunity for an all-round and harmonious development of individuals and society and reconstruction of human thought on Islamic foundation.
The foundation of the University was laid on the first day of the 15th Hijrah Century, Muharram 1, 1401 (November 11, 1980). This landmark of the beginning of the new century symbolizes the aspirations and hopes of the Muslim Ummah for an Islamic renaissance. The desire is to produce scholars and practitioners, imbued with Islamic learning, character and personality, capable to meet the economic, social, political, and intellectual needs of modern times.
The University started as “Islamic University” with 9 students enrolled in its LL.M degree program and classes were conducted at the Campus of Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. The University was restructured and reconstituted as “International Islamic University” by the promulgation of the International Islamic University Ordinance 1985 by the President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in March, 1985.
Higher Education Commission has included International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) in its Distance Learning Project vide letter No. Ref. DG (QAA)/HEC/DDE (IIUI)/2015/392, dated 09.07.2015. In the beginning, IIUI is offering only Master programs in some Departments but later-on more programs (BS, MS & Ph.D) will be offered through distance mode of learning in different Departments of the University.
A Directorate of Distance Learning manages all the activities and tasks for the programs offered through Distance Mode. The University aims at achieving higher standards of excellence by setting up a wide range and developed distance learning mode in future to offer services to the nationals. There are different committees to look after functioning of Directorate of Distance Learning to enhance quality of running programs.
International Islamic University, Islamabad (Dawah Academy & Shariah Academy) initially started Distance Learning Programs/Courses in 1985, throughout country and abroad
The Directorate of Distance Learning have started Distance Learning Programs/working in June 2012
In 2016, International Islamic University, Islamabad signed MoU for E-Learning/IT related technical support with EDUCAST.
The Directorate of Distance Learning will be the leading teacher education directorate of Pakistan with highly qualified human resources, allied infrastructure equipped with modern technology, and research based practices to produce balanced, harmonious educational leaders serving the community and Ummah, by providing education through dual mode of education.
The Directorate of Distance Learning provides a challenging learning environment infused with Islamic values and research based practices to produce balanced, Harmonious educational leaders by providing education through dual mode, who are proactively motivated towards innovation, research and development of nationals and international community.
Rector’s Message
Rector IIUIIUI has already track record of launching distance learning programs as we have been offering the distance learning/correspondent courses in Shariah academy as well as Dawah Academy since decades. However, being the part of HEC project of Distance Learning we are not shifting to any new pedagogy but adding a mode of Distance Learning.International Islamic University Islamabad has always played a key role in promotion of education with a unique vision among more than 150 universities of the country. Muslim Ummah has a great power of youth, if we put them on the right track according to our religious principles and existing challenges, this power can change the world. The top priority of IIUI has always been to prepare high quality professionals immersed in the teachings of Islam and developing balanced harmonious personalities, who may counter the contemporary challenges. IIUI keenly focuses on the development of environment according to the teachings of Islam and contemporary needs. This unique objective has always helped the institution to develop skilled, professional personalities who also have appropriate knowledge of Islamic values. I feel very proud to share that IIUI gives equal opportunities of education to the male as well as female students. A large number of students from more than forty eight countries of the world are studying in IIUI which is unprecedented characteristic of a University in Pakistan.
Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai
Rector IIUI
President’s Message
President IIUWe feel pleasure to become a part of Distance Learning project of HEC. Open and Distance Learning (ODL) mode has become popular not only in Pakistan where more than 15 universities  are offering their programmes through dual mode but highly ranked international universities of the world are successfully offering programmes through distance learning. International Islamic University is unique institution of learning which enjoys a distinct position among the educational institutions, not only in Pakistan but the entire world. Government(s) of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia has assigned me a challenging job as the President IIUI. I am, therefore, committed to come up to their expectations. My aim is to make this university one of the top ranking university of the world with the cooperation of the university management, faculty and students. Students need to work for the promotion of education and development of the country as the youth constitute valuable asset of the Muslim Ummah. I am committed to take every possible step to provide every possible facility to students and staff. Finally, I welcome new students who are going to be the part of IIUI and I am sure that new entrants will feel proud to study in International Islamic University.
Prof. Dr. Hathal Homoud Alotaibi
President IIUI
Director’s Message
Director DEEThis is a fact that the world renowned universities are devoted to promote excellence in education through the establishment of distance learning centers. Distance Education modehas been growing rapidly worldwide in the present era.The basic purpose of distance learning is to provide greater access to large number of students within limited financial budget. I feel proud to announce that International Islamic University, Islamabad has launched Directorate of Distance Learning. This has become possible due to vision & commitment of the leadership of the university. The support of HEC has strengthened us to embark on the dual mode.  We are committed to provide the quality education through distance learning programs. Directorate of Distance Education announces the commencement of the first academic session in the fall semester 2015 with MA Education, MA Pakistan Studies and M.ED Programs. Our main objective is to provide a great opportunity to the students who could not achieve their educational targets for several socio-economic, cultural and geographic constraints. Our team consists of well trained and professionally qualified people with a wide experience of teaching and research. Directorate of Distance Learning is distinguished with the quality of teaching and learning by utilizing modern instructional materials. We induce and inculcate high moral values and sense of civic responsibility among students. I warmly welcome the students to provide the supportive and encouraging environment for academic excellence.
Prof. Dr. N. B. Jumani
Vice President (A&F) / Director DDL