Regional Da’wah Centre (Sindh) Library, Karachi

Da’wah Academy has four libraries to fulfill information needs of its research scholars, academicians, course participants and general public. These are Da’wah Research Library, Da’wah Public Library, Da’wah Centre for Women Library and Regional Da’wah Centre (Sindh) Library, Karachi. A brief description of the libraries is as under:
i. No. of volumes of books 9,000
  English 500 approx  
  Urdu 7000 approx  
  Arabic 900 approx  
  Sindhi 300 approx  
ii. No. of accessioned magazines 3030
iii. No. of Journals (titles) being received as gratis 40
iv. Total Memberships 150
v. No. of Newspapers being subscribed 05
vi. Audio Cassets 1500
RDC faculty, trainees and staff.
Library Staff
Sy. Abdul Waheed (Jr. Cataloguer/Classifier)