The Career Counseling Center of the Faculty of Basic & Applied Sciences has been established to provide the students with an opportunity to have a single point of contact in case they are need advice and / or help with a number of areas.
The following services are provided by the Center
Career Counseling
Facilitates the students in finding the right career path, advice on how to
  Build an effective Resume
  Interview Skills
  How to deal with office politics
  How to deal with different situation at work
  How to effectively follow up after an interview
  Change in Career advice
  How to Search for a good job
Advanced on Educational Path
  Choosing a Major and Career
  Choosing options between jobs or further education
The center also provides help and advice to all students to choose a career path through proven methodologies. This advice can start at any time after admission.
Support with class work and projects
Support and direction is provided in case the student is having problems with his class work or needs advice in dealing with University Life.
 Final projects are a litmus test by which future employers hire fresh graduates, advice and help with their final project is available at the center.
Industry Liaison
The Center works with firms around the country to felicity the students get internship as well as jobs. The department maintains a constant contact with the industry and develops relationships so that the students can get internships as well as jobs in the right fields.
Help is also provided to the Alumni of the Faculty in case they need support and help after they leave the university in University related issue as well as Job related issue.
    Faculty  of Basic & Applied Sciences
    Ph: 92 51 9257301, 9019514
    Email: [email protected]