PhD Program in Biosciences / Chemistry / Environmental Sciences

Scheme of Studies of PhD Program in Biosciences / Chemistry / Environmental Sciences

PhD Program Duration
PhD degree will be conferred after completion of minimum 3-years of studies that includes course work (both core and elective), comprehensive examination and an original Dissertation Research (as per IIU rules and regulations revised on march 11, 2009).
General Doctoral Degree Requirements
The doctoral degree will require completing the following:

  1. Course work (18 Credit Hours) of core and elective courses during first 2-semesters. However, an additional course work will be required as deficiency seen depend on conditions on recommendation of PhD supervisor.
  2. Qualifying Comprehensive Examination
  3. Individual Doctoral Dissertation Research under supervision
Complete Requirements for Doctoral Degree
  Course Work Credit Hours 18 (6 Courses)
  Core Courses: 9 (3 courses)
  Elective Courses: 9 (3 courses)
  Comprehensive Exam  
Dissertation Research   36
Total Credit Hours   54
Note: Doctoral candidates will be asked to register additional course as prescribed by the Graduate advisor, Graduate Advisory committee or Graduate Supervisor during course of study.
Total Credit Hours: 54
PhD Core Courses: (9 credit hours)
PhD Elective Courses: (9 credit hours)
Dissertation Research (36 credit hours)
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