Advanced Electronics Laboratories Project

Advanced Electronics Laboratories


The Islamic Development Bank’s funded Advanced Electronics Laboratories Project is first ever international scientific grant at International Islamic University (IIU), Islamabad and also first international “advanced electronics specific grant” in Pakistan.

The idea is to support the efforts of the Government of Pakistan in building the critical mass of skilled professionals and researchers in the field of Advanced Electronics. This is being done through the establishment of an Advanced Electronics laboratory at International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) to serve the higher education and research work in the field of Semiconductor Process Engineering. This Laboratory is now available for teaching, training and conducting research work in semiconductor’s device modeling, sample preparation and subsequent characterization of devices, materials and systems for real-time micro and nano-scale electronics for applications such as Energy, Sensing, Communication & Photonics and Information Processing (Big Data, Participatory Sensing, Cognitive etc.)

The labs and the project aim to provide the following multifold services:

  1. Capacity Building for the University: Teaching and Research Programs Focused on Advanced Electronics with a Cross-Disciplinary Approach
  2. Focal Point for the Collaborative Funded Research such as the approved US Department of Energy’s Facility Access
  3. Services to External Users on Scope-Time-Cost Model- Business Creation and Outreach Impact (Local Industry, Strategic Organizations, Global Partners)
  4. Enabler to Exchange R&D Projects with in the universities and research organizations in Muslim countries, European Union (Framework grants) etc. and Prospective Linkages to Strengthen “Research and Service” Ties in Islamic Ummah