International Training Programs

The Shari`ah Academy have also organized international Training programs in the premises of the Shari`ah Academy IIUI, in which the Judges of Kazakhstan, Judicial officers of Philippines and the members of Afghan judiciary participated. The Department of Training has also organized five Regional Programmes of the International Training series; two in Philippines, two in South Africa and another in Sari Lanka.

Seminars and Workshops
The seminars and conferences are an important feature of the activities of the Academy. They provide the scholars and professionals of diverse backgrounds and educational qualification with opportunities to sit around and develop a culture of discussion on current legal and jurisprudential issues of practical relevance.
a) International Conferences

  • International conference was jointly organized by International committee of Red Cross, Islamabad and International Islamic University, focusing on “Protection of War Victims” at Faisal Masjad Campus International Islamic University, Islamabad.
  • A three days International Conference was jointly organized Shariah Academy, Higher Education Commission Pakistan and International Moderation Forum on “The role of tolerance in the stability of society” from 21- 23 January, 2014 at Faisal Masjad Campus International Islamic University, Islamabad.
b) National Conferences
A National conference focusing on “The Criminal Law of Islam: Basic Concepts and Implementation” was organized by the Academy at its premises on July 11 to 12, 2005.
c) Workshops and Seminars
  • A One day workshop on “معاشرے میں باہمی احترام اور رواداری کے فروغ میں ائمہ و خطباء کا کردار ”during 17-18 June 2013”
  • A three days training workshop was organized on “Islamic Micro Finance: Fundamentals and Operating Procedure” durinig  2013 in colloboration with Esar Microfinance.
  • A six Days Workshop for Ulama of Baluchistan was organized in collaboration with Council of Islamic Ideology on New trends in the study of Islamic Jurisprudence from 28 October-2 November ,2013 
  • A two day’s training workshop was organized in 2014 on Islamic Modes of Finance: Products and Process in collaboration with Esar Microfinance.
  • A one day workshop on “فقہی اختلافات میں راہ اعتدال ” on 18 June 2014. 
  • A one day workshop onفہم دین اور عصری مباحث‘‘ ” was organized by the Shariah Academy in collaboration with International Moderation Forum during January 2015.
  • A two days workshop on ’’اسلام کی تعلیمات جہاد: عصری مسائل و اشکالات‘‘ organized in 2015
d) Proposed Workshops and Conferences
  • A two days International Conference on "Islamisation of Laws in Pakistan: Achievements, Mechanisms and Future Prospects"  is planned to be organized in December 2015
  • Workshop on Islamic Banking and Finance for University Graduates
  • A three days Training Program on Shari’ah Standards
  • A Two days workshop on Takaful (Islamic Insurance)