Brief Introduction:

With scarce grant resources, creating options for new, diverse, and multiple funding streams is essential for the sustainability and development of universities.
The Office of the University Advancement has recently been established in International Islamic University in conformity with Higher Education Commission (HEC) advices. The rationale behind is to amplify the IIUI alumni and fund raising activities for elevating the education for needy students.
A Need Based Scholarship Program has also been introduced with the intention of uplifting the academic needs of talented students within the university so as to provide them the opportunity for pursuing higher education with ease and comfort. Students coming from remote and rural areas who fulfill the requirements of the Program will be given special preference so that they can complete their education and improve their socio-economic conditions in order to be a part of the bigger arena in Pakistan.

Our Program Objectives:

  1. To alleviate the financial incapacity of talented students who don’t have the freedom to pursue higher education.
  2. Create the opportunities for the qualified needy students with scholarly traits so that they can remain on the path of university studies.
  3. To motivate the literate but needy students coming from remote and rural areas of Pakistan so that they can experience the academic actuality and excel in their careers.
  4. To enhance the capacity of IIUI as an institution thereby to contemplate on implementing the Need based scholarship projects.
  5. A unique but distinctive opening for the necessitous female students belonging to rural areas to provide them the platform to pursue their higher education and become a professional in their career.


Our vision is to recognize for a pivotal leadership role in:
  • Transforming IIUI into a regional high-access university of choice and destination campus.
  • Generating prospective student interest and affinity leading to record high enrollment.
  • Garnering countrywide recognition for IIUI as model of educational innovation.
  • Building a university endowment that underwrites and ensures the success of the university’s quest for excellence and distinction.
  • Positioning IIUI as steward of the region’s future and human capital, worthy of regional business and industry support and collaboration.
  • Cultivating the university’s most valuable and powerful strategic relationships among business, community, educational, cultural, and political leaders.
  • Planning and executing history-making, record-breaking comprehensive and capital campaigns.


With a spirit of professionalism, and in an environment that encourages teamwork and personal growth, University Advancement Office commits to these values:
  • Commitment to Islamic Values: Belief in the saying of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) “Among you is the best one who has a character & manners”.
  • Excellence: We take pride in our work and strive for the highest quality.
  • Innovation: We empower ourselves and others to be risk-takers and reach beyond the current paradigm; we are open to change and creative new ideas in fulfilling our mission.
  • Transparency and Accountability: As stewards of the public trust, we ensure that promises to our supporters are fulfilled and hold ourselves accountable for using our resources wisely.
  • Ethical Action: We adhere to high ethical standards; we build relationships based on trust, honesty and integrity; and we respect privacy and confidentiality.

Functions of the University Advancement Office:

The University Advancement Office will develop programs and activities, which promote the spirit of the members of the IIUI family, including the students, faculty, staff, alumni, friends, parents and community as follows:

1. Students:

  1. Suggest programs that help students develop themselves intellectually, and spiritually, as responsible individuals dedicated to the well being of IIUI as well as their communities.
  2. Enlighten students about the University Advancement activities, and whenever possible, include them in these activities.
  3. Publicize the achievements of IIUI students.

2. Faculty and Staff:

  1. Engage the faculty and staff in the University Advancement activities and programs.
  2. Publicize the achievements of IIUI faculty and staff.
  3. Share with the faculty and staff trends and issues affecting higher education around the world.

3. Alumni and Friends

  1. Keep alumni and friends aware of developments in the academic programs, special projects, student life, etc. at IIUI.
  2. Establish programs to create goodwill relationship with alumni and friends resulting in their financial and other support for IIUI projects and programs.
  3. Encourage alumni and friends to send their own sons and daughters to IIUI, and to actively promote IIUI in their respective segments.
  4. Publicize important achievements of the University’s alumni.
  5. Plan and organize activities and events with the assistance of the Alumni Association to bring support to its advancement programs.
  6. Publicize the Alumni Association activities.

4. Parents:

  1. Inform parents of IIUI students about programs and developments of the University.
  2. Develop programs which will strengthen parents’ relationships with IIUI.
  3. Encourage parents to provide any kind of support to IIUI.

5. Community:

  1. Inform the community about the achievements of the University.
  2. Organize the activities and events by taking all internal and external stakeholders on board.
  3. Encourage community to provide academic, electronic & print media, legal, moral, conceptual and financial support to IIUI.

Bank Account

Title of Account: IIU Student Advancement Fund Endowment Account
Account No: 0010000143260302
Currency: PKR (Pak-Rupee)
Bank: Allied Bank of Pakistan (ABL)
Branch Code: 0929
Branch: International Islamic University, (Sector H-10) Branch, Islamabad