Brief Description Date Published Details
Circular 21-09-2022 Download
Rates/Charges of Pathology Lab Tests 16-09-2022 Download
Circular 12-09-2022 Download
Notification 06-09-2022 Download
Transport Schedule for FALL 2022 Semester 03-09-2022 Download
Academic Calendar 2022-2023 25-08-2022 Download
Circular 18-08-2022 Download
Office Order 05-08-2022 Download
Admission Criteria for Graduate Studies w.e.f Fall-2022 Semester 21-07-2022 Download
Admission Expo for Fall Semester 2022 21-07-2022 Download
Electrical Department Notification of Eid Duty 07-07-2022 Download
Last Date of Fee Submission without Fine 07-07-2022 Download
Office Order – Eid ul Adha 2022 (1443 AH) 07-07-2022 Download
Fee Waiver for BBA, BSAF and MBA (Faculty of Management Sciences) w.e.f. Fall-2022 06-07-2022 Download
Summer Vacation 2022 for Academic Staff 14-06-2022 Download
HEC Disability Policy 2021

Dr. Muhammad Mumtaz
Director (A&E)/
Focal Person of the university
on the HEC Policy for students with disabilities
Email: [email protected]
Tel. No.0519257918, 0519019693

13-06-2022 Download
Office Order 08-06-2022 Download
Circular – (Empaneled Hospitals along with Contacts of Focal Persons) 02-06-2022 Download
AC Timings Policy 30-05-2022 Download
Notification (Generator Backup) 27-05-2022 Download
Office Order (Employee Study) 11-05-2022 Download
Office Order – Eid-ul-Fitr 2022 (1443 AH) 28-04-2022 Download
Circular 26-04-2022 Download
Office Order 15-04-2022 Download
Verification Process on the Undertaking Proformae – Notice 08-04-2022 Download
Office Order – Delegation of Power 08-04-2022 Download
Official Timings during the Holy Month of Ramadan 1443 A.H (Revised) 05-04-2022 Download
Class Timings during the Holy Month of Ramadan 1443 A.H 28-03-2022 Download
Official Timings during the Holy Month of Ramadan 1443 A.H 28-03-2022 Download
Important Notice for Students 27-03-2022 Download
NADRA Registration of Foreigner Students and Teachers 10-03-2022 Download
Last Date of Fee Submission with Fine is 10/03/2022 09-03-2022 Download
Circular – Use of Words Competent Authority in Official Documents 09-03-2022 Download
Last Date of Fee Submission with Fine (04/03/2022) 03-03-2022 Download
Office Order 02-03-2022 Download
Information Required on Account of Engagement of Staff 22-02-2022 Download
Office Order – Sunday as Holiday for Labor Employees of IIUI 15-02-2022 Download
Provision of Consolidated List / Details Aprops Course Allocation to the Faculty Members 10-02-2022 Download
Notification regarding the start of Classes – Spring 2022 Semester 28-01-2022 Download
Course Offering Access of Spring-2022 Semester 28-01-2022 Download
Recommendations for Conferment of Pakistan Civil Awards 2022 27-01-2022 Download
Timeline for Submission of MS Thesis 05-01-2022 Download
Notification – Instructions of BOG for Code of Conduct 04-01-2022 Download