Brief Description Date Published Details
Office Order [Exclude the name of PAEC, Hospital from Panel of Indoor Medical Treatment] 30-11-2021 Download
The contribution of IIUI in Advancing knowledge and way forward through Strategic Plan 2021 and Book Exhibition 29-11-2021 Download
04 Days Vaccination Camp at IIU Medical Center 22-11-2021 Download
IIUI Emergency Helpline Number 03-11-2021 Download
Online Mode of Teacher to Overseas Students (only) who are not in Pakistan 27-10-2021 Download
Nacta Peace Poster Contest 2021 22-10-2021 Download
Extension in Last Date of Fee Submission (15-10-21) 11-10-2021 Download
Observance of SOPs 08-10-2021 Download
Extension in Last Date of Fee Submission 05-10-2021 Download
Circular – Furniture Items 28-09-2021 Download
Extension in Last Date of Fee Submission 24-09-2021 Download
Corona Virus (Covid-19) PCR Test Report for Causal/Quarantine Leave 23-09-2021 Download
Reservation of Board Room & Council Hall 22-09-2021 Download
Circular – Special Discounts on Medical Lab Test/Consultation 15-09-2021 Download
Notification: (On Campus Academic & Research Activities will resume w.e.f September 16, 2021) 15-09-2021 Download
Last Date of Fee Submission 09-09-2021 Download
Notification (50% Attendance of Employees from 06-09-21 to 12-09-21) 05-09-2021 Download
Notification (Suspension of academic activities 04-09-21 to 12-09-21) 03-09-2021 Download
Notification (Certificate of Covid-19 Vaccination) 03-09-2021 Download
Course Registration Access in SIS (AL-JAMIA) Fall 2021 03-09-2021 Download
Hiring of Visiting Faculty 27-08-2021 Download
Academic Calendar 2021-2022 25-08-2021 Download
Complaint Performa for Canteen/Shop 12-08-2021 Download
Office Order [Canteens] 06-08-2021 Download
Last Date Extension of Admissions 30-07-2021 Download
Corona Vaccination Camp At Medical Center IIUI 12-07-2021 Download
Medical Reimbursement / Adjustments 12-07-2021 Download
Corona vaccination at IIUI Medical Center 06-07-2021 Download
Vehicle Requisition (Transport Section) 05-07-2021 Download
Circular (Students Provisionally allowed in Terminal Exams) 22-06-2021 Download
Notification 11-06-2021 Download
Notification (Fine Waive Off) 07-06-2021 Download 
Circular (Vaccination) 04-06-2021 Download
Circular: Fee Defaulters 04-06-2021 Download
Furnishing of date-sheet for Online Terminal Examination: Spring 2021 03-06-2021 Download
Circular (Advance/Loan Special Case) 20-05-2021 Download
Notification (Eid Duty) 07-05-2021 Download
Office Order Eid-ul-Fitr 07-05-2021 Download
Circular 04-05-2021 Download
Circular (Mid Term Examination Scheduled on 16th April 2021) 19-04-2021 Download
Circular (Class Timings in Ramazan) 19-04-2021 Download
Notification (Online Classes) 15-04-2021 Download
Office Order (Revised) 17-04-2021
Notification 07-04-2021 Download
Office Order 02-04-2021 Download
Continuation on Online mode of Learning / Teaching 28-03-2020 Download
Notification 18-03-2020 Download
Notification 11-03-2020 Download
Online Teaching for Overseas Students who are not in Pakistan 11-03-2020 Download
Shifting to Online mode of Learning / Teaching 11-03-2020 Download
Addition in Hospital Panel 26-02-2020 Download
HEC policy for Students Disability 25-02-2020 Download
Last date of Fee Submission for Spring 2021 extended till March 05, 2021 23-02-2020 Download
Circular 22-02-2020 Download
Circular 22-02-2020 Download
Circular 19-02-2020 Download
Enforcement of COVID-19 SOPs in IIUI 09-02-2020 Download
International Islamic University (IIU) shall resume with full strength with effect from February 8th, 2021 05-02-2020 Download
Lab Services – IDC 02-02-2020 Download
Last date of Fee Submission for Spring 2021 01-02-2020 Download
Re-opening of University 28-01-2020 Download
Important Notification 15-01-2020 Download
Date Extension in Semester Fee Submission 12-01-2020 Download
Important Notification (Semester Fee) 04-01-2020 Download