E-Edition of the book:معاصر عربی؛ اہم لہجات کے ساتھ co-authored by Dr. Inam ul Haq Ghazi, Incharge Department of Translation & Interpretation, Faculty of Arabic has been launched.
Other authors include Prof. Dr. Eckehard Schulz Professor for Arabic Language and Linguistics & Director Institute of Oriental Studies, Leipzig University, Germany and Ms. Munazzah Masood.
The book which is also available in German, English & Persian version, consists of 24 lessons. After each 6 lessons an Intensive Review has been included to assess the learners. The book basically teaches the standard Arabic but it also incorporates 4 major dialects of the Arab world i.e. Iraqi/Gulf/Arabian Peninsula, Syria/Lebanon/Palestine, Egypt & Maghreb.
Vocabulary and grammar are based in the book on frequency analysis, communication requirements & cultural competence. The original texts are selected from various fields such as history, society, religion, politics, sports, science and culture. Glossary of vocabulary, tables of Arabic verbs, numbers & grammatical terminology are also appended to the book
Programed in HTML with thousands of audio files and many other computer-based applications and exercises, the e-Edition may be used with all standard laptops, notebooks, tablet PCs, smart phones etc.
The authors hope that using this book enables the student to reach Level A2 after finishing lesson 12 and Levels B2 after lesson 24 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This compares to the Novice High and Advanced-mid level according to the rating scale of the American Council of Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL)
Professors, researchers & management of the university has expressed appreciation on launching of this innovative E-Book for teaching Arabic language effectively.
معاصر عربی؛ اہم لہجات کے ساتھ Published by National Book Foundation will also be available soon. For more details please contact [email protected]