MS Biotechnology

a) Academic Program of M. S in Biotechnology

Department of BI&BT has got approved the MS (Biotechnology) Programme by the BoS/BoF. The recommendations are presented for the approval of Academic Council.

  • Objectives, Eligibility criteria etc

Objectives of the Program:
Biotechnology is one of the 6 priority areas In the S&T policy of Pakistan. Government has keen interest to strengthen education and R&D in biotechnology in the country. The government has invested about one billion for this emerging discipline. The IIU aims to produce independent, creative and critical graduate and post graduate students and researchers. The prime objective of launching MS program in biotechnology at IIU
is therefore to develop human resources in biotechnology with the
realization of meeting regional and global demands of qualified and
well professionals.
Specific objectives are:
1. To impart, integrate and augment education in the discipline of biotechnology and genetic engineering in Pakistan through competitive teaching and research.
2. To create nexus of tangible research that will provide solutions to agricultural, industrial, health and environmental problems.
Career opportunities:
After completing program in biotechnology, the man power shall be available for teaching, research and development, and services in agriculture, health, environment and industry.
Eligibility criteria:
The eligibility criteria will at large be in conformity with IIU policies. In principle, the following criteria are required:
Applicants having 16 years of education in relevant field

  • Departmental entrance test will be treated as qualifying examination
  • 50% score in GAT will be one of the eligibility criteria

MS Biotechnology Program
MS two years program will include 2 semester course work and 2 semester of research. The Master of Science in Biotechnology requires 24 graduate credits earned by completing the courses listed below. In the first year 6-8 courses of 24 credit hours of course work will be taught. The program is fast-paced and designed for completion within two years.

Scheme of Studies of M. S Biotechnology
Number of Credits 30 (24 taught + 6 project)
Semester I & II Taught courses
Core courses: 09 credit hours
Elective Courses: 15 credit hours
Semester III &IV Research (Thesis): 06 credit hours

Core courses Credit hours
BT 511 Principles and Practices in Biotechnology 3
BT 512 Advanced Biotechnology 3
BT 513 Advanced Molecular Genetics 3

Elective courses Credit hours
Four Course to be taken from the following
BT 514 Advances in Molecular Biology 3
BT 515 Advances in Microbiology 3
BT 516 Pharma co genomics 3
BT 517 Gene Expression and Regulation 3
BT 518 Plant Cell and Tissue Culture 3
BT 519 Endocrinology 3
BT 520 Animal Biotechnology 3
BT 521 Protein Engineering 3
BT 522 Gene manipulation 3
BT 523 Nanobiotechnology 3
BT 524 Cancer Genetics 3
BT 525 General Virology 3
BT 526 Stem Cell and Therapeutic Cloning 3
BT 527 Health Biotechnology 3
BT 528 Research Techniques 3
BT 529 Biosafety and Bioethics 3
BT 530 Microbial Physiology & Genetics 3
Research Thesis 6 (6,0) Credit Hours
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