The Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC) of International Islamic University Islamabad hosted a workshop titled “Intellectual Property for Researchers and Patents: From Idea to Award.” The workshop, held at the Council Hall, aimed to empower faculty members with an enhanced understanding of intellectual property rights and the patent filing process.

During the workshop Prof. Dr. Ahmad Shuja Sayed, Vice President of (Research and Enterprise), highlighting the purpose and significance of the workshop. On this occasion, Prof. Dr. Sayed expressed his appreciation to the resource persons for sharing their expertise and commended the IIU ORIC for organizing such a valuable event.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Amir, Director of ORIC, IIU expressed his gratitude to the participants and thanked the resource persons of the workshop. Prof. Dr. Amir emphasized the forum’s commitment to regularly conducting such sessions, acknowledging their significance in building faculty capacity and improving the university’s research and innovation score.

Dr. Habib Ahmad, Assistant Professor from the Center of Advanced Electronics and Photovoltaic Engineering, took the stage as the first resource person. His informative presentation elucidated the fundamentals of intellectual property and provided comprehensive explanations of the intricate processes involved in filing patents. Dr. Ahmad’s expertise and insights proved invaluable in guiding the participants during the workshop.

Ms. Attia Madani, a faculty member from the Faculty of Sharia and Law, delved into the IIU Intellectual Property (IP) policy. Ms. Madani shed light on the university’s commitment to safeguarding and promoting intellectual property, ensuring that researchers and innovators receive the due recognition they deserve for their work.

In his concluding remarks Dr. Shuja hoped that the workshops like this would prove to be invaluable platforms for faculty members to gain crucial knowledge on intellectual property rights and patent filing processes while, the enhanced understanding gained from this event, researchers at the International Islamic University are now better equipped to protect their intellectual creations and contribute to the advancement of innovation within the university’s community.