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News and Events – December 2014
Protocol and Public Relation Dept.
Report By: Muhammad Nauman
Islamabad: International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) will remain closed for one week.

According to Director General (AF&P), IIUI and all its constituent Units will remain closed for one week with effect from Monday, 22 December.

Report By: Muhammad Nauman
President International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh has said on Thursday that Peshawar carnage has saddened the Muslim Ummah and universities can play vital role in avoiding such happenings by nurturing the young minds in the light of Islamic teachings.

He expressed these views in a high level meeting at university’s new campus which was attended by high officials including Vice President Academics Dr. Mohammad Bashir Khan, Director Generals, Deans, and Directors.

Dr. Al-Draiweesh said that IIUI would further enhance its role for disseminating moderation and tranquility through its institutes and academies including Dawah Academy, Shariah Academy, Islamic Research Institute and Iqbal International Institute for Research and Dialogue.

Islam negates the attitudes of violence and rigidity because it is religion of Prophet (PBUH) who taught humanity, tolerance and peace, said Dr. Al-Draiweesh. He added Peshawar carnage has increased the responsibilities of teachers as universities can play significant role by disseminating humanity and Islam’s message of peace through conferences, seminar and lectures.

While appreciating the role of Dawah Aacdemy and Iqbal International Institute for Research and Dialogue in training of students and professional, Dr. Al-Draiweesh directed that concerned officials of the institutes should organize more programs which should be focused on the topics such as moderation, peace and no to violence.

During the meeting Deans, heads of various departments and faculties also apprised the President regarding the programs held on above mentioned topics. On the occasion, Dr. Al-Draiweesh constituted a high level committee which would translate the narrations of the IIUI scholars on the topics such as moderation, peace and no to terrorism, and it would create an encyclopedia of all these writings.

General performance of the university was also discussed in the meeting where Director Quality Enhancement Cell Dr. Irshad Ahmed Arshad told that Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education Commission, after quantitative assessment has granted 85.14% score to IIUI in yearly assessment while university has been awarded the “w” category which is the highest category in terms of performance of the educational institutions.

Dr. Al-Draiweesh appreciated the leadership of Rector IIUI Dr. Masoom Yasinzai and efforts of Dr. Irshad Ahmed Arshad while he also vowed that soon university would make its unique place among the ranks of leading universities of the world.

Report By: Hafiz Atiq ur Rehman
The brilliant students of Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering, Faculty of Basic & Applied Sciences International Islamic University brought fame by winning First, Second and Third positions in the ExcITeCup 2014 competitions, held at Muhammad Ali Jinnah University Islamabad. The events were competed by hundreds of best and talented students who tried to explore their abilities and skills in computer programming, software projects, quiz competition and poster designing from across the country. Three teams from DCS IIUI under the guidance of Syed Muhammad Saqlain Assistant Professor and Imran Khan Lecturer DCS participated in the competition.

The team who clinched first position in “On Spot Programming” was comprised students of BSSE 5th semester including Shehzad Siddique, Fraz Javed and Hammad Ali. In this challenge every team had to solve and implement three given computing problems within designated one hour time period. In the competition of ”computer quiz“ through different rounds the team who secured second position consisted students of BSSE Abdul Ghafar, Inamullah Taj and Arslan Aslam, while students of BSCS 7th semester stood on third position was, Ijaz Ahmed, Zikrullah and Abdul Aziz. Rector IIUI Dr. Masoom Yasinzai in his note, congratulated and appreciated talented students, he also wished them best of their carrier. Dean Faculty of Basic and Applied Science, Dr. Muhammad Sher congratulated students on their success and advised DCS to arrange the ceremony in the honor of winning students. He also encouraged students to participate in such activities with devotion.

Report By: Muhammad Nauman
Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education Commission, after quantitative assessment has granted 85.14% score to International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) in yearly assessment while university has been awarded the “w” category which is the highest category in terms of performance of the educational institutions.

According to letter, Director General Quality Assurance Agency has conveyed that university has obtained 85.14 % score for the period ending June 30, 2014.

The agency has lauded the leadership and performance of Quality Enhancement Cell in university. The agency also appreciated the efforts of Dr. Irshad Ahmed Arshad, Director, QEC, IIUI, that his efforts paved the way to success of IIUI.

President IIUI, Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh has vowed that IIUI would keep focusing on improving the research work, conducting more constructive seminars and other vital activities which may lead to strengthen the criteria of education. Dr. Al-Draiweesh also appreciated the leadership of Rector IIUI Dr. Masoom Yasinzai while saying that his experience and abilities have led the university towards achievement of its lofty goals.

Report By: Muhammad Nauman
The Students Advisor Office, amid activities of Spectra-14 has arranged more events including minute to win it, bridge building, and calligraphy competitions.

Events took place in activity centre of male campus. Students Adviser Dr. Tahir Khalily, Additional Students Adviser Dr. Abdul Qadir Haroon, Dr. Abid Masood, Provost, Dr. Hafiz Anwar, Assistant Professor FSL Mr. Rooh ul Amin Lecturer DMCS /Supervisor Arts Activity inaugurated these competitions.

As many as teams participated in minute to win it competition while its winners were awarded with multiple gifts on spot by Dr. Muhammad Tahir Khalily, Students Adviser and Dr. Abdul Qadir Haroon, Addl. Students Adviser. They appreciated the event SPECTRA and encouraged students to participate in such healthy activities.

Top three positions holders of bridge building, painting and calligraphy competitions will be awarded shields at closing ceremony of Spectra 14. Paintings and calligraphies will also be displayed in an exhibition at central library.

It is pertinent to mention that students’ adviser office organizes multiple events throughout the academic year for the students of IIUI that not only helps in nourishing their talents through different platforms but also plays a vital role in their character building.


Report By: Muhammad Nauman
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering (female) of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) organized a 5 day workshop which was conducted by Microsoft Students of the department.

The workshop was focused on Windows Phone App Development, Dreamspark University Software Portal, Details about Microsoft Virtual Academy, Appstudio, and Unity Game Development. The event was conducted by Partners Uroosa Manzoor, Areeba Azhar and Minahil Sherazi (students of the department).

Students from different departments attended the workshop. After successful completion of sessions students were able to create their accounts in DREAMSPARK UNIVERSITY PORTAL and MICROSOFT VIRTUAL ACADEMY. Students switched to genuine windows using the portal and learnt development using Visual Studio 2013 and AppStudio.

On the last day of workshop, Mr. Irtaza Ahmed Qureshi addressed the students on numerous topics including Database in SQL server using Grid View, Introduction on ASP.NET framework, PHP, JS, HTML, CSS, AZURE, competitions in market, Web development introduction, guidance about FYP, Syntax of LINQ and Introduction about MVC.

Acting Chairperson of the department has said “as a result of these sessions students are now aware of technologies used in development of industry level projects and market trends”. She added if students face any problem in development they are continually guided by Microsoft Student Partners of DCSSE Female IIUI.

Report By: Hafiz Atiq ur Rehman
A Pray ceremony for the souls of children of Army Public School Peshawar who was martyred yesterday in brutal attack of terrorists held at International Islamic University and its Faisal Mosque campus by Islamic Research Institute and Dawah Academy separately in which large number of employees gathered to raise the hands for pray.

Vice President Academics, Dr. Bashir Khan, Vice President Higher Studies and Research Dr. Muhammad Tahir Mansoori, Deans, Directors of different departments including large number of students also attended the ceremony.

On the occasion, in his speech, Dr. Bashir termed terrorist attack on APS Peshawar a national tragedy in the history of Pakistan, which should be condemned. He said, brutal and coward attack on innocent children, terrorist never achieve their evil and malicious intentions. Dr. Bashir further said, enemies of Pakistan want to divide us through their coward attacks, but, they will never be succeeded. Dr. Bahsir urged participant to show the solidarity with families of deceased and make firm resolution to uproot the menace of terrorism form country, saying that Islam is the religion of peace. Dr. Tahir Mansoori in his remarks highly condemned the brutal attack on children of APS Peshawar and said Islamic University can feel the pain and sorrow of the family as IIUI has also faced such terrorist attack in which some students sacrificed their lives. Dr. Mansoori said, terrorists have no religion nor they have humanity cannot be tolerated any more. At the end, Dean Faculty of Shariah and Law Dr. Tahir Hakeem prayed for martyrs.


Report By: Hafiz Atiq ur Rehman
Shariah Academy, International Islamic University Islamabad is going to hold its 49th Islamic Law Orientation Course for the Lawyers of Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir. The course, comprising duration of one week will be commenced on 22 December, held at Azad Jammu & Kashmir University Muzaffarabad. The course will be attended by the Lawyers, Legal Experts, and Scholars of Law. In this course the Scholars and Legal experts will discuss the importance of Ijtihad in modern days and different areas of Islamic Law will also be focused points. The main topics of the course will be Family Law, Criminal Law, Commercial Law including Cyber Crime and WTO.

Report By: Muhammad Nauman
Students of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) showed their talent in events amid the busy mega event “Spectra-14” activities which were organized by the students’ advisor office (male).

During the event, in collaboration with FET, the students’ advisor office organized two workshops on employment relationing, career Planning and Development, Speed Wiring and micro control interfacing competitions.

Workshop on employment relationing was conducted by Col. Rtd. Noman Saghir Qureshi and Workshop on career Planning and Development was conducted by M. Irfan Siddique . Dr. Naveed Aqdas, Dean FET, Dr. Abdul Qadir Haroon, Addl. Students Adviser, Dr. Saeed Badsah, HOD, ME and Faculty members while Various students participated in it.

It played important role in guiding the students planning their careers and bringing maximum potential out of it. At the end shields was presented to the Speakers by Dean, FET, Addl. Students Adviser & HOD, ME

Speed wiring Competition was supervised by Engr. Ubaid Umer. Hafiz Muhamad Saeed and Engr. Tayyab Ali from the Faculty of engineering and technology were the judges of the event. Total of 25 teams participated in it. Top three positions will be awarded shields at closing ceremony of spectra’14. This activity helped the students to enhance their ability in the field of electronics.

Micro Controller interfacing competitions was supervised by Engr. Ubaid umer From the FET and competition was judged by Engr. M Muzamil. Total of 15 teams participated in it top positions will be awarded shields. This competitions encouraged students to practically implement their abilities of the computing world.

Additional students Adviser Dr. Abdul Qadir Haroon presented gifts to the judges and supervisors of these completions. He appreciated the efforts of the organizing team and encouraged them to organize such events in future also.

It is pertinent to mention that students’ adviser office organizes multiple events throughout the academics year for the students of IIUI that not only helps them in nourishing their talents through different platforms but also plays a vital role in their character building.

Report By: Muhammad Nauman
A series of events to polish the abilities and skills of the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) students “SPECTRA-14” continues in full swing. SPECTRA-14 is being organized by the Students Advisor Office of the university in which students are participating literary, technical, IT, arts and social events.

In this connection Students Adviser Office (male) organized a workshop on android development, water Rocket Show, Egg Drop and Mini Cricket tournament.

Workshop on android development was conducted by Mr. Muhammad Usman android developer at IBEX Solutions. Engr. Saheel Abdullah was the chief guest of the event and Engr. Adil Farooq was the supervisor of the event. Various students participated in it. It played important role in guiding the students about various ongoing technological advancements.

Water rocket show, Egg drop competition and mini cricket tournament was inaugurated by Additional Students Adviser Dr.Abdul Qadir Haroon, Assistant Professor Syed InamurRehman and Assistant Professor MrRoohul Amin. They all wished the students best of luck for their respective competitions. Position holders of these competitions will be awarded shields at closing ceremony.

Dr. Abdul Qadir Haroon said that these kind of activities should be organized frequently, it not only energizes the youth but also advocates them to participate in nation building.

It is pertinent to mention that students’ adviser office organizes multiple events throughout the academics year for the students of IIUI that not only help them in nourishing their talents through different platforms but also play a vital role in their character building.

Report By: Muhammad Nauman
A series of seminars was organized by the Department of Environmental Science, Female Campus of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) on recent developments in the field of nanotechnology related to environmental issues.

During the seminars, talks were delivered by distinguished and seasoned scientists Dr. Tariq Mehmood (Associate Professor) and Dr. Zulfiqar Ali (PSO) from the Nano-science and Catalysis Division, National Center of Physics, Islamabad on consecutive days in the Auditorium, Fatima Block of university.

Both the speakers have vast experience in the field of nanotechnology, synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles and their applications in environmental pollution problems.

Dr. Tariq Mehmood, in his keynote talk on the topic ‘Biofuel by Nanotechnology’ focused on different exciting possibilities of using nanoparticles for applications in environment e.g., production of biofuel which could be accomplished equally by using different wastes like butchery waste, keeno waste etc.

“Pakistan suffers not only from a huge energy crisis due to its high dependency on conservative resources of energy but also lacks proper disposal and management of waste” said Dr. Tariq Mehmood. He added that in such an alarming situation, renewable ad sustainable energy resources is the best substitute for conventional fuels and energy sources as well as managing the waste disposal problem efficiently.

In the final leg of the series of seminars, Dr. Zulfiqar Ali delivered his talk on ‘Nanophotocatalyst for waste water treatment. His lecture was focused on the significant role a nanophotcatalyst could play in attenuation of environmental pollution problems specifically textile waste water disposal and thereby reduce the contamination load in the streams and rivers where the industrial waste water is discharged.

He was of the view that conventional techniques to treat such industrial waste water for dyes etc., do not either completely mineralize the organic dyes or else are very costly, therefore other options need to be sought out. He added that Nanophotocatalyst provides a solution to the decontamination of polluted water with environment friendly nanocomposite catalysts.

Both Dr. Tariq Mehmood and Dr. Zulfiqar Ali offered students vast research prospects and possibilities of working collaboratively at NCP, Islamabad and offered all sorts of facilitation for smooth working conditions at NCP. Students felt very encouraged about the different initiatives generously offered to them to conduct experimental research at NCP in order to avail opportunities to gain hands-on experience on different state-of-art instruments installed there.

Dr. Faiza Jan Iftikhar, Assistant Professor, Dr. Shazia Jabeen, Assistant Professor and Ms. Sajida Naeem Khan, lecturer, DES had taken the initiative to arrange the series of talks on nanotechnology for environmental applications under the kind guidance of the A/Chairperson, Dr. Maliha Asma.

Dr. Faiza Jan Iftikhar who conducted the seminars welcomed the respected resource persons. The auditorium was full to its capacity and the students listened attentively to the much anticipated talks with enthusiasm and interest. Dr. Faiza Jan Iftikhar concluded the seminar by warm words of thanks to the guest speakers Dr. Tariq Mehmood and Dr. Zulfiqar Ali. Ms. Sajida Naeem Khan and Dr. ShaziaJ abeen from DES, IIUI played an active role in helping to manage the seminars and making it possible to see the light of day.

Later, ex-A/Chairperson, Dr. Rukhsana Tariq thanked the speakers and participants in her vote of thanks.

Report By: Muhammad Nauman
A 20-member delegation of Professors and lecturers from Baluchistan visited International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) on Tuesday where they were briefed about the university while they also visited various faculties and departments. The delegation was headed by Professor Muhammad Yousif. Participants hailed from various districts of the province.

On the occasion, the delegation was given a detailed briefing regarding IIUI by the Director General (AF&P) Gulzar Ahmed Khwaja. He briefed the participants regarding faculties, departments, student activities and future plans of the university. Gulzar Ahmed Khwaja told university is providing quality education to more than 25-thousand students of nearly 50 countries of the world. The delegates took keen interest in the research work being held at IIUI while they were also briefed about the scholarship programs and MoUs signed by the university.

Later, the delegation also visited central library and various departments of the university. The delegation participants lauded the role of IIUI in education while they also thanked IIUI administration for cooperation during their visit.

Report By: Muhammad Nauman
Critical Thinking Forum (CTF) of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) will hold a seminar today (Wednesday) on “Countering Violence against Women” which will be attended by renowned figures of society and diplomats.

The seminar will start at 1:45 at Female Campus of the university which will be attended by Director Smileagain Foundation Mussarat Misbah as chief guest while Counselor for Public Affairs, U.S Embassy Angela Aggeler and Director Female Campus Dr. Zaitoon Begum.

The seminar will be addressed by Ammar Nasir, Gift University Gujranwala, Incharge Dawah Centre for Women IIUI Shagufta Omar, Deputy Cultural Attaché US Embassy Judith Ravin, Peace Corps Volunteer Madellin Aggeler and incharge CTF (program moderator) Dr. Munazza Yaqoob (Chairperson, English Department, Female campus).

Report By: Muhammad Nauman
Dr Muhammad Tahir Khalily Chairman Department of Psychology and Students’ Adviser has participated and presented his scientific work titled; Increasing incidence of mental health problems as a consequence of trauma in Pakistani society and mental health care response in Asia-Pacific Workshop 2014(8th Dec to 12th Dec) on Psychological Intervention after Disasters. The work shop was organized and sponsored by the China Center for Applied Developmental Science (CADS) and held at the department of psychology Southwest University of Science and Technology, Mianyang, Sichuan Province, China. Dr Khalily presented mental health care model for trauma related psychiatric disorders for Pakistan, which was appreciated by the international scientific committee and academicians.

Report By: Hafiz Atiq ur Rehman
Faculty of Shariah and Law (female) International Islamic University organized a seminar titled “Women Rights, UN Convention (CEDAW) and Islamic Shariah” with the collaboration of Dawah Centre for Women (DCW) IIUI. The seminar was addressed by the In-Charge DCW Mrs. Shaughta Omar as guest speaker and Chairperson FSL (Female) Dr. Samina Basheer.

Speaking on the women rights both the speakers, said that men and women have equal legal capacity without any gender discrimination. They further emphasized on the need to work for the protection of women rights and contribute to raise the status in the society according to teachings of Islam.

Moreover, speakers explained that Islam is a religion of peace which not only stresses on protection of human rights but also urges its followers to guard the prerogatives of their society fellows while taking the guidance from Quran and Sunnah. Both the speakers in their address urged participants to promote peace, brotherhood and help those who face problems. The seminar was a part of vocational training of the students of Human Right Law arranged by class instructor Ms. Shamreeza Riaz. Meanwhile, Female students of Shariah and Law also visited dawah library and dr. muhammad hamidullah library at Faisal Mosque Campus. The purpose of the visit was to help out in completion of their research project “Human rights and Islam”.

In the libraries, Students got access of books, manuscripts, journals and products of artistic expression related to Islam and its primal sources i.e. Quran and Seerah, corpus of literature concerning Islamic thought, history, culture and civilization with the cooperation of librarians. The visit was also arranged with special efforts of Dr. Samina Basheer and Ms. Shamreeza Riaz.

Report By: Hafiz Atiq ur Rehman
Inspector General National Highways & Motorways Police (NH&MP) Zulfiqar Ahmed Cheema has said honesty is the only reformer pill that can rebuild the institutions; corruption in any sense becomes menace for the development of society.

This he said while on addressing the students in the seminar titled “Road Safety and National Security” at International Islamic University Islamabad. This was first event organized in the series of events with the name of SPECTRA 2014 by Student Advisor Office (Male). On the occasion Vice President Academics IIUI Dr. Mohammad Bashir Khan, Additional Student Advisor Dr. Abdul Qadir Haroon, Deans, Directors and large number of students attended the event.

Zulfiqar Cheema said young ones are the future of nation and students can make the nation prosperous. He added that everybody must contribute as per capacity with honesty and sincerity.

He said no officer can deliver even a little, if he or she is involved in corruption and if an officer is honest with his position can achieve even a hard target.

IG NH&MP said that traffic laws and rules not observed in our society which is unfortunate. He explained that Motorway Police playing its key role as one of the most organized and disciplined institution in the Pakistan terming it as a positive symbol.

”Motorway Police has no discrimination on the roads while dealing to travelers, and no one treated as VIP, everybody for us is respected “. IG said. He was of the view that, country facing some problems but future of nation is very bright and glorious as the nation has energetic and talented youth.

He advised the participants to abide by laws and respect the rules of country which he said is the key of success as rule of law is the only guarantee of sustainable society. He also urged students to be strong courageous with firm resolutions in curriculum, academics and be passionate to serve the nation. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Mohammad Bashir Khan thanked Zulfiqar Cheema and briefed the participants regarding IIUI introduction, goals and achievements.


Report By: Hafiz Atiq ur Rehman
Rector International Islamic University Prof Dr. Masoom Yasinzai said on Monday Corruption is an evil of society which undermines the foundations of any country; honesty is the pillar to sustain and stabilize the social fabric of society. He was addressing the participants of awareness walk titled “Zero Tolerance against Corruption” jointly organized by IIUI, Higher Education Commission, National Accountability Bureau Pakistan and Pakistan University Sports Board Pakistan.

Rector IIUI separately led walks in Male and Female Campus which was witnessed participation of Vice President Higher Studies and Research Dr. Muhammad Tahir Mansori, from HEC Director General Sports (Women) Dr. Shaheen Khan including Faculty Members, Deans, Directors, Officers and large number of Students. Dr. Masoom urged participants to remove the word corruption from life dictionary, while terming it a poison which slowly disrupt the social structure of the society. Rector said that a wise individual is to fulfill his prescribed duties honestly, hence, whoever deviates from his or her liability falls into the category of corruption as the corruption is not only name in financial matters.

He was the view further that a Muslims believe, trust and rely on Allah to earn livelihood and should be firm on this belief. “We have to overcome the corruption in all levels from our routine life, dealings and in matters particularly in moralities” Rector maintained. Dr. Masoom also advised participants to be honest and raise moral social graph. In the walk participants also voiced slogans against corruption, raised play cards displaying zero tolerance for corruption.

Report By: Muhammad Nauman
Atadjan Movlamov, Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Pakistan called on Rector International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai, Rector of International Islamic University in Islamabad on Wednesday.

A number of matters relating to the promotion of relations between Pakistan and Turkmenistan in general and those relating to the cooperation and collaboration between Islamic University and International University for Development of Turkmenistan in particular came under discussion.

The Ambassador highlighted that an International Seminar is being organized by the Embassy of Turkmenistan and Society of Civilizations Pakistan to mark the 20th anniversary of “Turkmen Policy of Permanent Neutrality in Islamabad on 15th February, 2015. He highlighted that the President of Turkmenistan had announced this policy of ‘Permanent Neutrality’ in Islamabad on the eve of ECO Summit in 1995. The Ambassador said that Pakistan was co-sponsor of the resolution at the United Nations when this policy was endorsed by the world body unanimously. The Ambassador sought cooperation of International Islamic University Islamabad in organization of this seminar in which scholars from Turkmenistan and from all over Pakistan will read research papers.

Dr. Masoom Yasinzai extended full support and cooperation to the Embassy of Turkmenistan and the Society of Civilizations Pakistan in organizing this seminar. He apprised that students of more than forty countries acquiring quality education integrated with teachings of Islam. “IIUI is fast growing university of Pakistani where nearly 15 thousand female students have separate campus for studies”, said Dr. Masoom Yasinzai.

Rector IIUI added that university is ready for the cooperation with all the countries and it would be a great step if the exchange of academicians and students happens among the universities of both countries.

The meeting was attended among others by Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Qurehsi, President, Society of Civilizations Pakistan, Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Ansari, and Member Executive Council of the Society, Major Guvanch, Defense Attaché of Turkmenistan and other officials of the University.

Report By: Hafiz Atiq ur Rehman
The Indonesian Embassy in Islamabad organized the first ever alumni reunion 2014 of Indonesian students who graduated from International Islamic University (IIU) Islamabad.

The objective of the reunion, held in BIMA Bidakara Jakarta, was to promote and strengthen the close association between the alumni of IIUI in Indonesia, in which more than 150 alumni even traveled far from as Malaysia, Thailand and from distant parts of Indonesia to attend the gathering. The reunion gathering was also attended by the high officials from the Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia and Embassy of Pakistan in Jakarta.

Mr. Hendri Tanjung, Ph.D. was elected as the Chairman of IIUI Indonesian Alumni. He has graduated from International Institute of Islamic Economics IIUI in 2013.

Speaking on the occasion General Coordinator for the Alumni Reunion Mr. Cecep Maskanul Hakim expressed his high appreciation and sincere thanks to the Embassy in Islamabad for organizing the alumni reunion gathering. The coordinator also extended his deep regrets on behalf of the President IIUI Professor Dr. Ahmed Yousif A. Al Draiweesh who could not attend the gathering due to his tight schedule.

Deputy Head of Mission of Pakistan Embassy in Jakarta Mr. Syed Sajjad Haider in his speech highly appreciated the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia H.E. Mr. Burhan Muhammad and congratulated him on the very successful Alumni Gathering. He also expressed his hope that the alumni would be very helpful in disseminating information about Pakistan and improving its image in Indonesia. He admired Ambassador Burhan Muhammad for strengthening and reshaping the Indonesia – Pakistan relations.

Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia H.E. Mr. Burhan Muhammad in his address expressed his confidence that the Alumni gathering would be a source of remembering each other, exchange information and discuss developments in Indonesia and also in Pakistan and establish a forum for the alumni to exchange thoughts and develop ideas for the betterment of the nation.

He was of the view that the alumni could play their role in increasing people to people ties between the two brotherly countries. Mr. Burhan Muhammad termed the relationship between Indonesia and Pakistan as very warm, friendly and mutually beneficial. The alumni were very happy to see each others to recall the glorious time at IIUI while remembering student life in Pakistan. They thanked the Embassy in Islamabad for arranging such event and giving them an opportunity to come and meet their old folks after a long time. They highly commended Ambassador’s efforts to further improve ties between Indonesia and Pakistan; expressed hope that the alumni forum would be helpful to network and sharing ideas to serve the nation in the best possible manner.

Report By: Hafiz Atiq ur Rehman
Department of Education International Islamic University held a merit based scholarship award ceremony in which 26 male and female students of Advance Diploma of Education and B.ED (Hons) of semester Fall 2014 were awarded financial scholarships.

Dr. Nabi Bux Jumani, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences IIUI and Dr. Samina Malik, Deputy Dean of FSS distributed the scholarship cheques amongst the students.

They also appreciated the support and PRP and thanked USAID in this regards with hoping that, this support program will continue in future for the widest benefits of the students. It’s worth mentioning here that, it was a second scholarship installment given to the students, which is duly funded by USAID Pakistan Reading Project (PRP) for ADE and B.Ed Elementary program.

Report By: Hafiz Atiq ur Rehman
Assessment is one of the core areas of teaching and learning process, keeping in view this concern, the Department of Education International Islamic University organized a 3 day modular based interactive workshop with the cooperation of USAID Pakistan Reading Project.

Dr. Mujahid Ali and Mr. Amir Wali Master Trainers of Pakistan Reading Project were the resource persons of the workshop.

The workshop was specially organized for the faculty members to enhance the capabilities and polish the work proficiency, in which both male and female faculty members of Department of Education got benefits from the workshop. The resource persons engaged the participants in various activities including; developing portfolios and test items and interpreting assessment results. The participants very actively participated and showed keen interest in the workshop.

Dr. Nabi Bux Jumani, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences and Dr. Samina Malik paid gratitude to the resource persons and Pakistan Reading Project (PRP) team for providing the opportunity for professional development of faculty members.

Report By: Muhammad Nauman
President International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh visited Advanced Electronics Laboratories Project at new campus of the university on Monday. Dr. A-Draiweesh was briefed about the project by Prof. Dr. Ahmed Shuja Syed who is former Dean of FET and Principal Investigator of this project.

Dr. Al-Draiweesh lauded the project and also appreciated the efforts of the professionals who equipped the lab with latest facilities. He was apprised that Islamic Development Bank’s Funded Advanced Electronics Laboratories Project is a unique user’s facility focused on the theme of Fab-less Advanced Electronics in Pakistan and first international competitive research grant for IIU.

It is pertinent to mention, these Laboratories worth of 0.6 million US$ are being utilized for teaching, training and conducting research work in semiconductor’s device modeling, fabrication and subsequent characterization of devices, materials and systems for real-time micro and nano-scale electronics for applications such as Energy, Sensing, Communication & Photonics and Information Security.

Dr. Ahmed Shuja Syed has developed this user facility with a research synergy at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, USA, which is a formal collaborator of the Advanced Electronics Labs.

Report By: Muhammad Nauman
President International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh visited faculties of management sciences and Engineering &Technology on Monday where he met with the students, listened to their problems, and inspected various classes in both faculties.

On the occasion, Vice President Academics Dr. Mohammad Bashir Khan, Dean Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) Dr. Aqdas Naveed Malik, Director finance Khurshid Alam, Students Advisor Dr. Muhammad Tahir Khalily and faculty members were also present.

President IIUI was briefed by the faculty heads regarding the ongoing research work and projects while he was also informed about semester activities.

Speaking to the students, Dr. Al-Draiweesh advised that they should negate the attitude of violence while service of country and Muslim Ummah must be their top priority. President IIUI vowed that all problems of the students would be solved as early as possible. While talking on the point of scholarships, Dr. Al-Draiweesh told, university has made number of collaborations with renowned universities of the world while under such projects matter of increasing scholarship opportunities is on top of the list. He urged the students to refrain from violence and stressed that they should opt the attitude of moderation.

Talking to students of FET, President IIUI said Pakistan is known for its highly skilled engineers while he hoped that IIUI students would also utilize their abilities and they would become a source of proud for the varsity and the country.

Report By: Hafiz Atiq ur Rehman
Faculty of Shariah & Law (Female) arranged a special session with Mrs. Ratna Osman a former Malaysian Alumni of Faculty of Shariah & Law IIUI. She is currently the Executive Director of Sisters in Islam (SIS), a non-Profit Malaysia based organization. The session was attended by faculty members and students of PhD and M.Phil and Mrs Shagufta Omer and Madam Faryal from DCW on special invitation.

In her views, Mrs. Ratna shared her past golden experiences of being student of IIUI and expressed her deep affection for Islamic University. She also enlightened the audience about her work in SIS, that how a non-profit organization struggling for Muslim women’s rights in Malaysian society by offering legal service (Telenisa) for the cases like marriage, divorce, male guardianship, protection for wives and children and matrimonial assets. Mrs. Ratna enlightened the audience about current Malaysian Legislation for safeguarding women’s right like matrimonial property etc. She asserted that current plight of Muslim women can be uplifted by understanding the differences between Shariah & Fiqh. In her concluding remarks Dr. Samina Bashir chairperson Shariah (Female) urged a balance between patriarchy and feminism. ”While revisiting Islamic laws we should not be inspired by western propaganda and shouldn’t compromise on Islamic Principles“. She added. She also thanked to guest and participants saying that the session proved very enlightening and gave a clear insight to Malaysian Laws and society.

Report By: Hafiz Atiq ur Rehman
English Literary Society (ELS) of Department of English, Female Campus and Critical Thinking Forum (CTF) of Iqbal International Institute for Research & Dialogue IIIRD International Islamic University organized a program to Commemorate Iqbal Day.

The program included quiz competition in regard of Iqbal’s life and works and series of Dr. Muhammad Allama Iqbal’s poetry recitals in both English and Urdu languages. Dr. Tayyab Munir, Chairperson, Department of Urdu (Male), IIUI graced the event as chief guest. In the opening session of the program, students recited some pieces of Iqbal’s poetry from Tulu’-e-Islam, Baang-e-Dara and Kalam-e-Iqbal to pay a humble tribute to the legacy of Iqbal and to cherish his wise words, it was followed by the Quiz competition.

Dr. Tayyab highly appreciated the organizers for the conduction of the event to commemorate the greatest poet of the century and encouraged to celebrate the same event as a tradition. The chief guest also highlighted the importance of Iqbal’s concept of “Enlightenment of Youth” and Iqbal’s notion of “Muslim Ummah” in his insightful address.

Dr. Zaitoon Begum, Director, Female Campus, IIUI as a guest of honor also applauded the efforts of ELS and CTF for organizing the program.

Dr. Munazza Yaqoob, Chairperson, Department of English (Female) and In-charge, CTF also enriched the participants with her profound reflections on the significance of knowledge of Iqbal’s doctrine for the training of youth. At the end, the winners of the quiz competition were awarded with prizes and certificates by the chief guest.

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