It is expected that the library collection will be rise to an approximate number of 33,000 books in the next five years. This growth rate is estimated at over 2,000 (approx.) books per annum to be added in its stock. Similarly, the stock of Volumes of bound Journals, subscription of Journals (Titles) of Journals (Titles), journals to be received on gratis and the News Papers stock is likely to increase at a rate not less than the rate envisaged for the books.
Journals/Newspapers being subscribed for the Library
We subscribe 7 periodicals and 3 newspapers for Da’wah Academy Library.
Computerizing of Library Material
We paid special attention to the computerization of Library books. The Urdu/English book collection of Da’wah Academy Library has been computerized. To make the working of library more efficient both system (i.e. manual and automation) have been adopted for classification and cataloguing of books.
I am happy to say that our library is better organized and better documented as compared to other libraries. At present the book collection of Da’wah Academy Library consists of 22934 numbers of volumes.
Existing Position
The Knowledge Bank
1.  No. of volumes of books 22934


English 9000 approx  
Arabic 4000 approx  
Urdu 8500 approx  
  Persian 300 approx  
2.  No. of pamphlets on Islam 975
3.  No. of volumes of bound journals 1027
4.  No. of journals (titles) being subscribed 6
5.  No. of journals (titles) being received as a gratis 150
6.  Number of readers served by the staff daily 60 approx.
7.  No. of books issued daily to the readers 70 approx.
8.  No. of regular users of the Library 610
9.  Nos. of News Papers being subscribed 3
Types of Subjects
Subjects: No of Books
Islam 6,000
Quran Studies 4,000
Ahadith 1,000
Seerat Studies 1,500
Sufism 400
Islamic Da’wah 200
Quaid-e-Azam 250
Fiqah Studies 1,000
Comparative Religion 400
Pakistan Studies 700
Kashmir Studies 250
English Literature 200
Iqbaliyat 500
Urdu Literature 300

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