By: Muhammad Nauman [November 2nd, 2016]

One motorcyclist was killed, while 24  female students and three members of bus staff were  injured when a bus of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) met an accident on Kashmir Highway here on Wednesday morning.

The injured were shifted to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), while they were discharged after first aid.

Rector IIUI, Dr. Masoom Yasinzai and President IIUI visited the hospital to inquire about the injured, while they expressed deep grief and sorrow on the loss of a life in unfortunate happening. They directed the concerned officials of the varsity to extend maximum cooperation to the injured. The university is investigating the causes of accident. Meanwhile, Deans, Director General IIUI, Director female campus, faculty members and officers reached at the hospital and inquired about the health of injured and ensured them of maximum cooperation.


Department of Education (Female) Organizes Seminar on APA Referencing Style
By: Muhammad Nauman [October 27th, 2016]

Department of Education (female) campus organized a seminar on APA Referencing Style at female campus.

Seminar was aimed at providing comprehensive understanding about current referencing styles and to develop proficiency in students to cite print and electronic resources in an academic research.  It was an effort of department’s professional grooming society, which was attended by students and faculty members.

“A proficient understanding about the importance of citing multiple resources and following research ethics is very critical for university students as they have to produce research based assignments, term-papers and projects in every semester” said Dr. Shamsa Aziz, Associate Professor from Department of Education.

Later, Chairperson, Prof. Dr. Samina Malik, in her concluding remarks highlighted the importance of ethical and legal guidelines and a standard format for citation in gathering and using information to avoid plagiarism.


By: Hafiz Atiq ur Rehman [October 27th, 2016]

Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh President International Islamic University, Islamabad has said that Pakistan came into being on the basis of Islam and its history is linked to the message of peace and tranquillity. Pakistan’s history is adorned with peace, prosperity, brotherhood and the attitudes of tolerance and coexistence but efforts being made to connect it with terrorism and extremism.

Dr. Al-Draiweesh expressed these views while addressing the Two Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh President IIUI addressing national conference on historyday national conference on “History and its Dimension of Pakistan” organized by Department of History and Pakistan study International Islamic University, Islamabad.

The conference is being organized with the collaboration of Higher Education Commission Pakistan in which more than thirty research scholars from across the Pakistan are presenting their research papers covering the different aspects of Pakistan’s history, relations with other countries, culture, political evolution and like that. The conference aims to analyze contemporary Pakistan critically in its historical paradigm for better future planning. It would also provide an academic and research oriented forum for academicians, researchers, policy makers, and students.

Dr. Al-Draiweesh in his speech urged that the history of Pakistan needs to be highlighted in the true sense, which is associated with the history of Islam and its message of peace.  He also advised the young researchers that they may select the topics from bright chapters of its history and portray the positive image of Pakistan. President IIUI said that lessons from history are not only improve the present but also provide brief account for the formation of prosperous future as well.

Dr. Al-Draiweesh was of the view that the nations always learn the lessons from historical events, happenings and set goals for future that is also a teaching of Quran and Sunnah. He stressed the need to highlight the purposes behind the struggle of Muslims of Sub-Continent to achieve the destination of separate homeland with great responsibility. The first session of the conference was also addressed by Dr. Nabi Bux Jumani Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, Dr. Mujeeb Ahmed Focal Person of the conference. The conference was also attended by the deans, directors, faculty members and large number of students.


By: Muhammad Nauman [October 26th, 2016]

tayyabHaji Muhammad Hanif Tayyab, a renowned religious scholar and former Federal Minister called on Dr. Muhammad Masoom Yasinzai on Wednesday at his office.

Dr. Masoom Yasinzai apprised Haji Hanif Tayyab of university’s vision, future plans and its achievements. He added that IIUI is providing quality education to the youth of Muslim world integrated with Islamic teachings.

Haji Hanif Tayyab hailed the role of the IIUI and said that it is playing pivotal role in nation building and its services for dissemination of Islam’s message of peace are commendable.


By: Muhammad Nauman [October 26th, 2016]

teamOfficers Welfare Association of the International Islamic University, Islamabad has appreciated the role of IIUI leadership especially its Rector Dr. Masoom Yasinzai and President Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh on approval of Rs. 2.5 billion mega project from Planning Commission.

The OWA arranged a luncheon in honour of IIUI team who played key role in the aforesaid approval of mega project. The luncheon was attended by the President IIUI who hailed the team’s efforts and appreciated all.

The team members included Mr. Muhammad Ashraf, Advisor, P&P, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Shuja, Advisor to Rector and President IIUI on Engineering Programs, Dr. Aziz ur Rehman, Advisor to President IIUI, Mr. Amir Ishtiaq, Additional Director Planning and Mrs. Sadia Shahbaz, Deputy Director Planning.

Meanwhile, an OWA delegation led by its President Mehmood ur Rehman called on Rector IIUI and presented a shield to him as a token of association’s appreciation on approval of Rs. 2.5 billion mega project for the university.


By: Muhammad Nauman [October 26th, 2016]


44A high level delegation of the officials of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) led by Head Maktab tu Dawah, Sheikh Saad Al-Dousri visited International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI), where he joined a farewell ceremony organized by Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh, President IIUI in his honour at new campus.

The KSA delegation also included Dr. Abur Rehman Al-Zaieb, Advisor to the Minister for Religious Affairs and diplomats from Saudi cultural office who joined the ceremony. It was also attended by the Vice President IIUI, Dr. Muhammad Munir, Deans, Director General, IIUI, Directors and Faculty members.

IIUI President paid tributes to Sheikh Saad Al-Dousri and said that he worked as a bridge between the IIUI and Saudi government. He appreciated cooperation of Maktab tu Dawah in academic terms. Dr. Al-Draiweesh also praised the cooperation of Makab tu Dawah with IIUI’s Dawah Academy. He added that 15 years tenure of Shiekh Al-Dousri was exemplary both for Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

10President IIUI also spoke on the universities vision, future plans and services being provided y the university. He apprised the KSA delegation that university was a unique seat of learning where students of more than 40 nationalities were being given quality education integrated with teachings of Islam.

Sheikh Saad Al-Dousri, thanked IIUI and its President for continuous cooperation and farewell. He said that IIUI is serving Muslim Ummah in the lights of Islamic teachings and it is an omen of bright future of Muslims as it is producing harmonious, skilled and balanced professionals.

He said that he always kept the Pak-KSA brotherhood on top in his tenure. He furthered that both countries have strong bilateral relationship and both are time tested friends. He said people of both countries have immense love for each other.

Later, Saudi diplomats, Dean Faculty of Arabic, Dean Faculty of Usul Ud Din and Dean Faculty of Shariah and Law also spoke to the participants.

Meanwhile, a luncheon was hosted by the university in the honour of Head Maktaba tu Dawah at Faisal Masjid campus which was also attended by Rector IIUI Dr. Masoom Yasinzai and President IIUI along with other varsity officials.


By: Muhammad Nauman [October 23rd, 2016]

Prof. Dr. Masoom Yasinzai, Rector, International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) has congratulated the university community on approval of Rs. 2.5 billion  mega project from Planning Commission.

“ It gives me great pleasure to share the good news that planning commission has approved the mega project of IIUI, which is tune of Rs. 2.5 billion” said IIUI Rector in a special message. He further added that it was result of immense hard work of 18 months and it took a lot of man hours from concept building to a successful award. He said that those who took keen interest in the project and helped immensely the Rector and President deserve special appreciation.

Dr. Masoom Yasinzai termed the project as a milestone and hoped that it would take the university to new heights in three years time. IIUI Rector exclusively mentioned the names of the team which took keen interest and contributed in the success of project, the team members included Mr. Muhammad Ashraf, Advisor, P&P, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Shuja, Advisor to Rector and President IIUI on Engineering Programs, Dr. Aziz ur Rehman, Advisor to President IIUI, Mr. Amir Ishtiaq, Additional Director Planning and Mrs. Sadia Shahbaz, Deputy Director Planning. Rector IIUI also hoped that the core team will leave no stone unturned in successful execution of the project.


By: Muhammad Nauman [October 21st, 2016]

Educationppppp & Research should be top priority of the students as they are precious asset of nation ; this was said by Dr. Yousif A. Al-Draiweesh, President International Islamic University, Islamabad,  speaking at the welcome party arranged for the new students at the new campus of the University. The party was also attended by Dr. Muhammad Bashir Khan, Vice President (Academics), Dr. Muhammad Arshad Zia, student advisor, Dr. Aqdas Naveed Malik, Dean Faculty of engineering & technology, Dr. Hafiz Muhamamd Bashir, Dean Faculty of Arabic  IIUI and large number of new & old students of the campus.

 Dr. Al-draiweesh ensured the new students about provision of all available resources to provide best learning atmosphere at the campus. Pakistan has great significance to the world because of its geographical, regional, cultural and religion strengths; it is responsibility of students to head the country towards path of success, said President IIUI.  He announced certificate of appreciation and prizes for the best students of the year in every department of the university. Earlier, new students from different regions presented themselves wearing cultural dresses of different regions of the country.

“IIUI is an exemplary seat of learning which has credit to produce great names of world and it is focusing with full zest to nurture the bright young minds of Muslim Ummah in the light of Islam’s teachings” said Dr. Muhammad Bashir khan Vice President, (Academics) and added that IIUI is working to produce balanced and harmonious personalities who acquire quality education at IIUI integrated with teachings of Islam.

At the end question answer session was conducted and cash prizes were awarded various new students by the president.


By: Muhammad Nauman [October 20th, 2016]

Chinese Language CourseInternational Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) started Chinese language course on Wednesday at its Faisal Masjid campus.

More than 60 students have been registered in the first leg of the short course, which was inaugurated by the university President Dr. Ahmed Yousif Al-Draiweesh. The course is launched by the Centre of Excellence for Modern Languages of varsity’s Languages and Literature Faculty in collaboration with China’s Council for Islamic-Chinese Relations.

“IIUI focuses on the contemporary requirements in terms of education and the course is an effort to provide a platform to the Pakistani students to learn Chinese language as both countries have started CPEC which will help academia to produce skilled and well-prepared human resource” said IIUI President.

He said that language is a source of bringing people closer to each other and the greater people of both countries understand languages of each other the better they will comprehend the culture and traditions mutually. He added that university was mulling over holding a conference for the Pak-Chinese entrepreneurs in coming days which will help in further broadening exposure of investors of both sides about the conditions in respective countries. Dr. Al-Draiweesh hailed the faculty for its efforts to launch the course and hoped it will keep arranging courses with no gaps.

Dr. Munawar Gondal, Dean Faculty of Languages and Literature told in the inaugural ceremony that faculty has launched the course for 2 months, three months and 6 months, while all the registered will start together and they will proceed to the next levels according to their desire and performance. He vowed to further strengthen the centre and welcomed the course participants.

Dr. Akhtar Aziz, Head of Centre of Excellence for Modern Languages at IIUI said that language helps as a bridge in case of barriers in communication and Chinese faculty members at the centre are here to prepare the participants to comprehend the functional communication and interpretation of the Chinese language.

“It will be interesting to teach at IIUI as we will have multi-cultural class, while in three months the participants will be able to understand and communicate the functional Chinese language” said Khadija, one of the teachers of the course.

Additional Students Advisor, Dr. Abdul Qadir Haroon also spoke on the occasion and thanked the IIUI leadership’s support amid launch of the course.


By: Muhammad Nauman [October 18th, 2016]

adnan 1Mr. Muhammad Adnan Khan Additional Director (ORIC) represented International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI), in Washington DC where he attended the training on University Intellectual property: Innovation, Protection & Commercialization.

During his stay, he attended meetings in the US department of Commerce and met senior officials.

Amid his stay, Mr. Adnan Khan met Mr. John Dickerson, Senior Advisor to United States Department of Commerce and Mr. Robert Keith, International Program Specialist, United States Department of Commerce, Washington DC and briefed them about the IIUI, its achievements and future plans, while he also presented souvenirs to them on the behalf of Rector and President International Islamic University Islamabad.  Mr. Adnan also went to various US universities and observed research practices there.

adnan 2He also met with Dr. Khurshid Qureshi, Chief Executive of Distinguished Innovations, Collaborations and Entrepreneurship (DICE) foundation and invited him to IIUI. Dr. Khurshid, Chief Executive of DICE foundation appreciated the efforts of IIUI being the emerging institution in science & technology. DICE is a strategic initiative of DICE Foundation, USA aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurship culture in the country at all levels.