Department of English (Female Campus)


In a vast and turbulent sea of competition, English acts as a buoyant force and allows people not only to remain afloat but also to safely navigate their course to safety. Keeping these international requirements in mind , the aim of the Department of English Literature, Female Campus, IIUI, has been to arm the students with both literary and language skills, supplemented by the shield of religious erudition to ward off the onslaught of secularism. Set up in 1996, the Department has engaged the services of ten regular faculty members and 11 members on the visiting faculty and is currently offering the following courses:
  • 7-semester B.A (HONS) programme in English Literature
  • 5-semester M.A programme in English Literature
  • PhD and M.Phil courses with a 2 semester coursework
Till date it has released 4 batches of B.A (HONS) students and 10 batches of M.A students along with 2 batches of PhD and M.Phil. The students of the department have made their mark in various professional arenas and have been accredited for their unique and refreshing outlook on life.
Keeping the I.T boom in mind, there has been a marked increase in the utilization of state-of –the-art technology to impart knowledge and literary cognizance to the students. This includes language labs that have been equipped with all the gadgets for enabling students to gain a first-hand acquaintance with foreign dialects and cultures through audio-visual aids. Moreover multi-media and over-head projector systems are also at the disposal of the students and teachers in order to supplement class lectures and course objectives. A seminar library has also been setup at the independent initiative of the Department of English, Female Campus, in order to enable the students to access the latest books, online journals and research articles. Owing to its organic nature, the library is undergoing constant up gradation and progressive evolution. Computer facilities are easily available for the students for conducting independent research pertaining to their course works, dissertations and PhD/ M.Phil theses. Currently research is being done by the faculty members on the application of the various post-modern and contemporary critical theories upon literature and their impact upon the social face of the world. In addition, a “Literary Society” has also been established for the conducting of extra-curricular activities. Although a brain-child of the Incharge, Department of English Languages and Literature, it is a society ‘of the students, for the students and by the students.’
Apart from the provision of technical facilities, the students are encouraged to broaden their intellectual horizons. In order to meet this requirement, the department has a history of organizing seminars, symposia and lectures delivered by intellectual visionaries. Some of the details are as under: under: under:
  • 2nd March, 2005 – Seminar held on “Trends in African Literature”
  • 17th December, 2005 – Seminar held on “Feminist Literary Theory & Literature”
  • 12th-18th June, 2005 –  Teacher training workshop ,“Teaching Strategies: Facing the Challenges of the 21st Century” in collaboration with higher Education Commission (HEC)
  • 20th May, 2006 – A symposium entitled “Pakistani Literature in English”
  • 18thDecember, 2006 – A seminar entitled “Post-Modernist Trends in American Literature”
Thus the department’s brief history displays a resplendent array of creative goals and innovative achievements and is determined to continue this legacy through sheer hard work and determination.
Female Campus:
Room#: D-017, Faculty Block III
Ph: 92 51 9257983
Fax: 92 51 9257929