BS Bio Informatics


Molecular Genetics is a rapidly evolving field where research in biotechnology has resulted in unraveling the mysteries of life and opened the door to a new breed of applications. Bioinformatics, a knowledge-based discipline, attempts to make predictions about biological functions using data from DNA sequence analysis, has now blossomed into a major academic discipline, combining the principles and concepts of computer science, information and biotechnologies. This curriculum is designed to produce a new class of scientists, possessing both the essential biological knowledge as well as computational expertise required to solve the complex life sciences problems.
Aims & Objectives
The overarching aim of developing and launching this program is to develop human resource in the discipline of Bioinformatics to achieve sustainable development through appropriate education and training.
Teaching Objectives
  1. To provide knowledge on development and application of computer software tools of bioinformatics.
  2. To impart skills for development and usage of tools of Bioinformatics.
  3. To develop students for generating, analyzing and interpreting biological data through computational methods.
Learning Objectives
  1. To learn the scientific concepts and applications of computational methods in biological sciences.
  2. To adopt practical approaches to IT and computer applications in molecular biology and biotechnology with focus on major issues concerning representation and analysis of bimolecular sequences and structural information.
  3. To learn investigative methods for research in biosciences with the help of tools of Bioinformatics.
BS Bio Informatics
BS in Bioinformatics is a four year taught degree especially designed for the futuristic approach in the area of bioscience and biotechnology in Pakistan. It is a unique qualification in terms of its contents and structure being a combination of biology, mathematics and computer science.
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Degree Requirements
Each candidate for the BS Bioinformatics degree is required to complete successfully the following undergraduate which are divided into two categories.
1. General Courses
2. Core Courses
* In the final semester (i.e. 8th Semester), students will either opt two elective courses or go for Independent projects formulations and presentation.
                                     Category A                  (24 Credit hrs)

Course Code Course Credit
  Functional English-I 3
  Functional English-II 3
  Functional English-III 3
  Pakistani Culture & Society 3
  World History & Civilization 3
  Introduction to the use of computers 3
  Basics of academic writing 3
  Social Work 3

                                     Category B                   (27 Credit hrs)

     Course Code Course Credit
Mass Communication 3
Globalization 3
Introduction to Economics 3
Introduction to Management 3
Introduction to Law 3
Psychology 3
BI-100 Biosafety & Bioethics 3
International relation 3
Introduction to Finance 3

                                     Core Courses               (69 Credit hrs)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs
BI 111 Cell Biology 3
BI 112 Fundamentals of Genetics 3
BI 213 Principles of Biochemistry 3
BI 140 Introduction to Bioinformatics 3
BI 241 Applied Bioinformatics 3
BI 250 Molecular Biology 3
BI 351 Biotechnology 3
BI 446 Computational Biology 3
BI 316 Immunology 3
BI 343 Phylogenetics 3
BI 327 Theory of Automata 3
BI 342 Proteomics 3
BI 418 Human Genetics 3
BI 214 Microbiology 3
BI 353 Techniques in Molecular Biology 3
BI 344 Methods in Bioinformatics 3
BI 326 Data Structures 3
BI 222 Programming Language-I 3
BI 223 Programming language-II 3
BI 131 Calculus-I 3
 BI 232 Discrete Mathematics 3
BI 325 Database Management System 3
BI 324 Object Oriented Programming 3
BI 419 Cell & Tissue Culture 3
BI 234 Linear System Theory 3
BI 335 Applied Differential Equations 3
BI 121 Fundamentals of Algorithms 3
BI 130 Basic Mathematics 3

Elective Courses (15 Credit Hrs)

Course Code Course Title Credit Hrs
BI-214 Microbiology 3
BI-234 Linear System Theory 3
BI-335 Applied Differential Equation 3
BI-418 Human Genetics 3
BI-419 Cell & Tissue Culture 3
BI 352 Cell Signaling 3
BI 449 Bioinformatics: Algorithms & System 3
BI 417 Cancer Genetics 3
BI 447 Bioinformatics software development 3
BI-428 Computer Graphics 3
BI-443 Nanotechnology 3
BI 436 Modeling and Simulation 3
BI 215 Metabolism 3
BI 454 Molecular Mechanism of Antimicrobial drugs 3
BI-327 Theory of Automata 3


S# Title of Course Course Code Credit Hours Faculty & General Course
1 Functional English-I   3 Group A
2 Introduction to the use of Computers   3 Group B
3 Cell Biology BI-111 3 Core Course
4 Elementary Chemistry BI-101 3 Core Course
5 Elementary Mathematics BI-130 3 Core Course
6 Introduction to Bioinformatics BI-140 3 Core Course

 Semester Two

S# Title of Course Course Code Credit Hours Faculty & General Course
1 Functional English-II   3 Group A
2 Biosafety & Bioethics BI-100 3 Group B
3 Calculus BI-131 3 Core Course
4 Fundamentals of Genetics BI-112 3 Core Course
5 Biostatistics BI-233 3 Core Course
6 Fundamentals of Algorithms BI-121 3 Core Course


 Semester Three

S# Title of Course Course Code Credit Hours Faculty & General Course
1 Functional English-III   3 Group A
2 International Relations   3 Group B
3 Principles of Biochemistry BI-213 3 Core Course
4 Discrete Mathematics BI-232 3 Core Course
5 Programming Language-I BI-222 3 Core Course
6 Microbiology BI-214 3 Elective Course

 Semester Four

 S#  Title of Course  Course Code  Credit Hours Faculty & General Course
1 Pakistani Culture & Society   3 Group A
2 Psychology   3 Group B
3 Molecular Biology BI-250 3 Core Course
4 Applied Bioinformatics BI-241 3 Core Course
5 Linear System Theory BI-234 3 Elective Course
6 Programming Language-II BI-223 3 Core Course

 Semester Five

S# Title of Course Course Code Credit Hours Faculty & General Course
1 World History & Civilization   3 Group A
2 Mass Communication   3 Group B
3 Object Oriented Programming BI-324 3 Core Course
4 Database Management System BI-325 3 Core Course
5 Biotechnology BT-351 3 Core Course

 Semester Six

S# Title of Course Course Code Credit Hours Faculty & General Course
1 Basics of academic writing   3 Group A
2 Introduction to Management   3 Group B
3 Data Structures BI-326 3 CoreCourse
4 Phylogenetics BI-343 3 Core Course
5 Techniques in Molecular Biology BI-353 3 Core Course
6 Methods in Bioinformatics BI-344 3 Core Course

 Semester Seven

S# Title of Course Course Code Credit Hours Faculty & General Course
1 Introduction to Law   3 Group B
2 Introduction to Economics   3 Group B
3 Introduction to Finance   3 Group B
4 Applied Differential Equation BI-335 3 Elective Course
5 Proteomics BT-418 3 Core Course
6 Computational biology BI-446 3 Core Course

 Semester Eight

S# Title of Course Course Code Credit Hours Faculty & General Course
1 Social Work   3 Group A
2 Globalization   3 Group B
3 Human Genetics BI-418 3 Elective Course
4 Cell & Tissue Culture BI-419 3 Elective Course