Ph.D Mathematics

PhD Mathematics is a 3 – 5 years research degree. Students will be required to complete 30 credit hours of course of MS level and 12 credit hours of Ph.D level course work on the recommendations of research supervisor. Rest of the degree requirement will include comprehensive examination, carrying out research work of original nature, writing and defending of thesis.
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Medium of Study:
Program Level:
Program For:
Male (50 Seats) & Female (50 Seats)
Scheme of Study
MA901 Topics in Semigroup Theory    
MA902 Topics in Semiring Theory    
MA903 Topics in Ring Theory    
MA904 Topics in Abstract Algebra    
MA905 Topics in Module Theory    
MA906 Topics in Pure Mathematics    
MA907 Topics in Real Analysis    
MA908 Topics in Functional Analysis    
MA909 Topics in Mathematics    
MA910 Special Topics in Mathematics    
MA911 Topics in Applied Mathematics    
MA912  Topics in Fluid Mechanics    
MA913 Topics in Analytical Dynamics    
MA914 Developments in Mathematics    
MA915 Emerging Topics in Mathematics