MS Mathematics


MS Mathematics is a 3 – 4 years 33 credit hours degree. Students will be required to carry out 24 credit hours of course work and 9 credit hour thesis work.
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Scheme of Study (Electives) MS in Mathematics
Code Course Name Cr. Hr.   Code Course Name Cr. Hr.
AM700 Approximation Theory 3   AM813 Several Complex Variable 3
AM701 Advanced Partial Differential Equations 3   AM814 Topological Vector Space 3
AM702 Theory of Computation 3   AM815 Ordered Vector Spaces  
AM703 Advanced Optimization Theory 3   AM816 Advanced Integral Equations 3
AM704 Advanced Functional Analysis 3   AM817 Magneto Hydrodynamics- I 3
AM804 Adv. Analytic Methods in SC. and Engg 3   AM818 Magneto Hydrodynamics- II 3
AM806 Computational Fluid Dynamics 3   AM819 Electrodynamics-I 3
AM807 Differential Algebraic Equations 3   AM820 Electrodynamics-II 3
AM808 Computational Linear Algebra 3   AM821 Advanced Analytical Dynamics-II 3
AM809 Advanced Analytical Dynamics-I 3   AM822 Mathematical Techniques for Boundary Value Problems 3
AM810 Computational Ordinary Diff. Equations 3   AM823 Elastodynamics 3
AM811 Advanced Ring Theory-I 3   AM824 Numerical Solutions of Partial differential equations 3
AM812 Advanced Ring Theory-II 3   CS522  Data Communication & Computer Networks 3