Department of Civil Engineering

The Department of Civil Engineering was approved by the Board of Governors and IIUI Academic Council in 2014. This is the third constituent department after the Department of Electronic Engineering and Department of Mechanical Engineering, under Faculty of Engineering & Technology at IIUI. With an approval from Pakistan Engineering Council, BS Civil Engineering program is started w. e. f.  Fall Semester in September 2014. Our course curriculum is in line with the requirements of Higher Education Commission and Pakistan Engineering Council.  The department is able to produce the professional engineers those will fulfill the industrial needs of the country.
In the Bachelor Degree Program, emphasis is laid on the fundamental concepts and principles, which constitute the basis of civil engineering practice. To foster their creative abilities, the students are assigned projects on design, construction and laboratory investigations. The classroom and laboratory work is supplemented with instructional tours to acquaint students with the civil engineering projects of national importance and with survey camps where they plan and execute surveys of large areas independently.
The department transfers latest know-how to the students to work effectively plus use their expertise as well as leadership, management, planning and organization skills in the job/project.  They are trained in the establishment of business and entrepreneurial in the fields of civil engineering.
Academic Program
  • Undergraduate (BS Civil Engineering) w.e.f. Sep 2014
  • Postgraduate (MS Civil Engineering) will be initiated soon
  • Research (Ph.D Civil Engineering) will be initiated soon

Currently the undergraduate program of “BS Civil Engineering” with duration of four years, consisting of eight semesters, has been started. Admissions will be on yearly basis in fall semester.

Accreditation Body
  • Pakistan Engineering Council
The Department presently has eight established Laboratories and various other laboratories are under process of development. The following is the existing DCE Laboratories status:
  • Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory
  • Engineering Surveying Laboratory
  • Engineering Drawing & Graphics
  • Computer Programming/AutoCAD Laboratory
  • Mechanics of Solid (Basic)
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Soil Mechanics (Basic)
  • Fluid Mechanics (Basic)

The Civil Engineering Department is currently sharing some of the Labs with other IIUI departments as following:

  • Thermodynamics Laboratory (DME)
  • Electrical Engineering Laboratory (DEE)
  • Fluid Mechanics Laboratory (DME)
  • Engineering Statics Laboratory (DME)
  • Environment Engineering Laboratory (ES)
Professional Development & Support
The Department of Civil Engineering is actively engaged to develop and implement a mechanism to nurture the students and young faculty members through a continuing process of professional development.