Requirement of Admission: (Eligibility)

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Program Contents:

The Program content of 30 credit hours comprises:

  1. Coursework: The curriculum consists of introductory courses and a variety of specialized courses of 24 credit hours
  2. Dissertation writing of 06 credit hours


MS students shall study 24 credit hours (08 courses). Each course consists of 3 credit hours.

Dissertation Writing:

Upon passing the course work examination with a minimum 2.7/4.00 CGPA and on successful completion of a thesis having acceptable standard of 6 credit hours, The candidate may be awarded M.S degree.


Total duration of the Program is 2 years with a maximum period of 5 years

Degree Requirement:

General requirements for the award of M.S Degree

  1. Successful completion of prescribed course work
  2. Securing the final cumulative grade point average of not less then 2.7/4.00
  3. Submission and successful defense of a thesis/ dissertation as prescribed
  4. Recommendation of the Examination Committee for the award of such a degree
  5. Completion of Hifz requirements as prescribed by the Academic Council of the University