Dr Muhammad Sher


Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering

Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences

International Islamic University, Islamabad


Phone: 051-9019527, 9257951

Fax:     051-9257954

Email: [email protected]


Sr. No. Department Post held Duration


Department of Computer Science, International Islamic University Islamabad

Professor and Chairman

2008 – to-date  


Fraunhofer Open Communication (FOKUS) Institute, Berlin, Germany

Research Scientist

4.07.2005 – 31.01.2008
(2½years) along with Sr. No. 3.


Department of Computer Science, International Islamic University Islamabad

Assistant Professor
(Computer Science)

31.10.1998 – 31.07.2008 
(about 10 years)


Dr A.Q. Khan Research Lab (KRL) Rawalpindi

Senior Scientific Officer (SSO)/ Scientific Officer

23.06.1992 – 31.10.1998
(about 6½ years )


Centre for Asian Studies, Islamabad

Computer Instructor

01.03.1990 – 29.02.1992
(2 years)


Gallup Pakistan, Blue Area, Islamabad

Computer Programmer

01.03.1990 – 31. 08.1991 (1½ year ) parallel with Sr. No. 5.

Name of Exam. Passing
Marks Obtained Marks  % Div./ Grade Major Subjects Board/ University






Physics, English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Urdu,  Biology,

B.I.S.E. Bahawalpur






Physics, English Mathematics, Chemistry, Urdu,  

B.I.S.E. Bahawalpur






Physics, Applied & Pure Mathematics,    English, Islamiat, Pakistan Studies

Islamia University Bahawalpur

Electronics (Communication)


3.7 G.P.A



Electronics, DSP, DLD&CA, S/Engg, Networking, Data Acq. & Control, Communication, Laser & Fiber Optics

Quaid-e- Azam University, Islamabad

(Information Technology)
(Leading to PhD)


Communications and Networks etc.

Hamdard University, Islamabad, Campus,

Ph.D. (Computer Science)
(Next Generation Networks Security)


(sehr gut)



Research Thesis on
“Secure Service Provisioning (SSP) Framework for IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS)”

Technical University (TU) Berlin,

 Honors & Awards


  1. Fifth Annual (ISC)2 Asia-Pacific Information Security Achievements (ISLA) Award by International Information Security System Consortium (ISC)2 Asian Advisory Board, against the Category “Senior Information Security Professional of Asia 2011”, at Jakarta, Indonesia, on 26th July 2011. The award is given on the basis of research and development contribution and recognition in the field on Information Security at International Level.
  2. Best University Teacher Award 2008”, by Higher Education Commission (HEC), Islamabad, Pakistan, on 21st August 2009. The award is conferred on the basis on academic, research and creative work performance for the year 2008.
  3. “HEC-DAAD Fellowship Award 2004”, for higher studies of Universities & Degree Awarding Institutions Teachers of Pakistan in Germany Programme, for three years (2004-2007).    
  4. National IT Excellence Award 2000” by NCR Pakistan, in recognition for excellence achieved the field of IT Research and Development, for the period of 1997-2000 at Convention Center Islamabad, on 25th November 2000.
 Books & Others

Books Chapters and Encyclopedia Contribution

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1)            Journal Publications (2011-2005)

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2)            International Conferences, Symposiums and Workshops Proceedings

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