The Faculty of Languages and Literature was established in 1997. The Faculty has four departments namely Department of English, Department of Urdu, Department of Persian, and Centre of Excellence for Modern Languages (CEML). Departments of English and Urdu offer undergraduate and graduate programs such as BS, MA, MS/M.Phil and PhD. Department of Persian offers BS, MA and MS degree programs. The Centre of Excellence offers short courses as well as certificate and diploma courses in English, Urdu, Persian and Chinese along with regional languages such as Pashto, Punjabi, Balochi, Brahvi, Sindhi and Saraiki.
Dean’s Message
Dear Students, Parents, Teachers, Fellow Knowledge Seekers!

I welcome you to the official page of the Faculty of Languages and Literature (FLL) in the International Islamic University Islamabad.

At the FLL, our broader mission is to prepare productive and responsible citizens who can strive to make Pakistan, and the world at large, a better place to live in.Our graduates work in various capacities such as writers, critics, columnists, bloggers, translators, editors, influencers, teachers, etc. Weteach classical, romantic, modern and postmodern literatures, sociocultural and literary movements and theories, and a number of modern languages enabling our students to eloquently engage in a healthy dialogue with the world, to understand the poetics of life and to use the syntax of the universe in favor of humanity. In so doing, the faculty also aims at contributing to the mission of the IIUI i.e., working towards an Islamic renaissance where our religious values inform a way forward to modernity and the modern technological developments inform a cyberspace smart future.

In order to ensure, quality, we have highly qualified teachers coming from diverse linguistic, cultural and national backgrounds and with education from worlds best universities in their respective fields. Our classrooms are equipped with latest multimedia and internet technologies and we constantly keep updating them keeping in view the changing needs of our students.

The Faculty of Languages and Literature leads the whole country (and in some cases the world) in designing and offering the courses that are unique and in alignment with the IIU’s unique identity. Within the premises of the faculty, and at our liberal arts departments, our students study courses that bring to them the wisdom of the east and the west, and that of the past and present. Our courses such asIslam and Modern Western Thought, Islam and Postmodernism, Global Muslim Narratives, Islam and Early Modern Drama, etc. have always generated debates that echo at various centers of knowledge in the world. Alongside teaching our students literary gems from the past traditions of literatures in English, Persian and Urdu, we do every effort to include courses on contemporary writing coming from different geographical settings. I would take this opportunity to particularly mention the recent inclusion of a separate stream of linguistics at our Urdu department. It is the first time in the history of Urdu departments in the country that we offered independent courses on modern areas in linguistics such as صوتیات (phonetics), مارفیمیات (morphology), ساختیات (syntax), کمپیوٹری لسانیات (computational linguistics), علمی نثر نگاری اور ادارتی قواعد و ضوابط (Principles of Academic Writing and Editing), معاصر تنقیدی نظریات اور ان کے اطلاق کی مشق (Contemporary Critical Theories and Practice into their Application), etc.

The Faculty of Languages and Literature is also house to two quality journals i.e., Me’yar and the Journal of Contemporary Poetics. Pakistan’s only indexing agency for the indexing and abstracting of journals on Urdu language and literature is also based here. We just published the fourth volume of the index of Urdu journals.

We have always received very encouraging feedback from our students, their parents and employers, and fellow academics elsewhere in the world, but this has not stopped us from keeping us open to change and improvement. I would appreciate any suggestions that you think would help us better serve the cause of knowledge here at the FLL.

Prof. Dr. Najeeba Arif
Professor of Urdu
Dean Faculty of Languages and Literature
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