About International Institutes of Islamic Economics

International Institute of Islamic Economics is a pioneering institution in the Muslim World dedicated for the cause of Islamic Economics. It was established in August 1983 with the primary objective to endeavour for an Islamic Economic Paradigm and to prepare scholars equipped with appropriately blended knowledge of Shariah injunctions and the mainstream economics. The ultimate objective is Islamization of the economic and financial system of the Muslim societies. The School of Economics is organizing the academic programs of the institute. The faculty is expanding vertically and horizontally. It has been offering the academic programs at Bachelor (B.Sc- Honours), Master (M.Sc) and Doctorate (Ph.D.) levels in Economics from the very date of its establishment. Later on, new programs have been added from time to time, like the Post-Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance, B.Sc (Hon), M.Sc. and M.Phil in Economics & Finance and Islamic Banking & Finance, M.Phil leading to Ph.D. in Econometrics and Master program in Rural Development. The Institute carries out its academic programs for female students through the Department of Economics in the Women Campus of the University. There is a well established Research and Training Division, which is responsible for promoting research in the mainstream and Islamic Economics as well as for providing training facilities to the staff employed in Academic and Financial institutions, both public and private.
Functions of the Institute
  • To organize teaching of modern economics, Islamic economics, Islamic banking and finance and other related disciplines at Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels.
  • To conduct advance studies & research in the relevant areas and to provide training programs & consultancy services to public and private organizations.
  • To promote cooperation with other leading educational and research institutions of east and west, particularly in the Muslim countries, in the field of modern economics, Islamic economics and allied disciplines through seminars, colloquia, conferences, staff and students exchange, scholarships, stipends and bursaries.
Dr. Atiq-uz-Zafar
Director General, IIIE

Academic Wing (Male Campus)

School of Economics (SOE) School of Islamic Banking & Finance (SOIBF)
Dr. Hamid Hasan
Head, SOE
Tel: 051-9257938, 9019405
Email: [email protected]
Dr. Atiq-uz-Zafar
Assistant Professor, Head SOIBF
Tel: 051-9019436
Email: [email protected]
Department of Economics & Finance  
Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Sajid
Assistant Professor / Head E&F
Tel: 051-9019425
Email: [email protected]
Research Division Training & Seminars
Dr. Abdul Rashid
Chairman/Head, Research
Tel: 051-9019454
Email: [email protected] 
Dr. Muhammad Khaleeq-uz-Zaman
Consultant/Head Training and Seminars
Tel: 051-9258026, 9019428
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Academic Wing (Female Campus)

Department of Economics School of Islamic Banking & Finance
Dr. Hajra Ihsan
Acting Chairperson/Head
Ms. Surayya Mukhtar
Department of Economics & Finance  
Ms. Ayesha Naz