Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences

Message from the DEAN, FBAS, IIUI
It gives me great pleasure to extend to you a very warm welcome on behalf of the Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences (FBAS). We look forward each year with great anticipation to the arrival of our new students and to the contributions they will make to the campus life. Currently more than 2600 students are enrolled in the bachelor, master’s and doctoral degree programmes while there are more than 80 faculty members, including 20 PhDs employed in the faculty.

The Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences was established in 2003. The Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences comprises of the following departments

  • Department of Biological Sciences
  • Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Basic Science
  • Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering
  • Department of Mathematics & Statistics
  • Department of Environmental Sciences
  • Department of Physics
Dr. Muhammad Arshad Zia
The primary focus of the FBAS is teaching and research. We offer a very broad range of courses and programs of study. All the courses that are offered to students at different levels are designed to prepare not only skilled professionals but also good human beings. Learning and growth at IIUI is not confined to the class rooms but other kinds of opportunities are around in abundance. Each student has the advantage of having interaction with people from many different backgrounds, culture and interests. There are many people around who are ready and willing to provide assistance and advices; students need only to ask.
Our permanent faculty is a dynamic and growing community of scholars active in most of the principal areas of research in Science and Technology. We have also succeeded in receiving cooperation and assistance from the highly qualified and learned academicians in the twin cities in the form of Adjunct Faculty for our research programme in different departments.
If you are a prospective undergraduate or graduate student in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Bio Informatics/Biotechnology, Environment Sciences, Mathematics, Physics or Statistics, please come to visit us at IIUI– we always have time to welcome and entertain new and talented students.
Professor Dr. Muhammad Arshad Zia

Phone: 051 9019514, 9257930
Email: [email protected]