The great importance attached to the Faculty, becomes clear from the above mentioned. This importance emerges from the increasing interest showed by Pakistan in Arabic, the distinctive status of IIUI amongst the Pakistani Universities for it makes Arabic fundamental ingredients in its academic programmes. This importance is augmented by the satisfactory programmes of the faculty, the courses that it offers and the academic & research load placed on it, as these courses resemble the programmes offered by the faculties and departments of Arabic Language in the renowned Universities of the Arab world such as Al-Azhar and Cairo Universities
The predetermined objectives of the faculty are:
  • A general and a basic objective that serves the International Islamic University particularly and the state of Pakistan in general and that objective is; patronage of Arabic Language within and without the University and its strengthening in this part of the world.
  • The specific objective related to B.A (Hons.) level is to equip the student with a sufficient amount of knowledge in various branches and specializations of Arabic language with the condition that this combines almost all areas of old and modern knowledge so that it realizes the quality of originality and understanding of contemporary trends. In other words, we can say that it should combine the heritage and new methodologies. It is to be noticed in this objective that the study has an horizontal nature (vast and comprehensive) which encourages the general fundamentals and rules of language and literary branches of Arabic knowledge within methodologies and possibilities.
  • The specific objective related to Master level is to enable the student to conduct good quality of research in the various branches and specialization of Arabic language. It is to be noticed in this objective that the nature of study is vertical (specialized & in depth study) which takes care of the theoretical and application aspects in methodologies of research in the areas of language and literature so that the student may be equipped with and trained on use of basic research tools.
  • The specific objectives related to Ph.D is to enable the student to grasp the area of his specialization, to get excellent command over his selected branch, to be able to analyze that branch deducting the findings based on research methodologies and to be able to write research articles in these areas.