Alumni Office at IIU

Alumni of a university are ambassadors at large and play an active role in developing goodwill for the university. They also play a very important role in helping the university for establishing new programmes through their continuous support both materially and with ideas. During the last few years the university has made remarkable progress in every field. IIUI have been able to start not only new programmes but new academic departments have also been added.
HEC desires every university to establish Alumni Office at the campus. The major objective of the Alumni Office is to establish and maintain active collaboration with the Alumni of the university.
At IIU, the Alumni Office works under Directorate of Development and strategic Planning. The core functions of the Alumni Office include:
  • Prepare Alumni Data Bank
  • Timely updating the data bank,
  • Maintain regular contact with Alumni
  • Updating them with university activities,
  • Inviting them on university events,
  • Ask help in fund raising
  • Facilitate in making and running Alumni Association
The Alumni Office has started to prepare a data bank of the IIUI Alumni with all relevant information and latest contact details.