Computer Labs:
Students at the IIU campuses enjoy a computer friendly environment, apart from access to computer in the labs. Research centers and libraries also have proper computer facilities for students.
Language Laboratories:
The University maintains two separate language laboratories for Arabic and English Departments. These laboratories are well equipped with modern techniques of teaching languages to the students of the University. There are well trained teachers who skillfully use the laboratory techniques and supplement classroom teaching in listening and training skills.
University maintains four (04) well equipped Libraries with Internet facilities and access to international data-base and digital libraries. Central Library maintains all important texts and recommended books. Besides, reading material is made available by the Photostat Service Units. In addition, there is a Book Bank on the main Campus of the university lending books to the students on semester basis. The library is continuously updated with the latest editions of relevant books. The library facility is available for students till 10:00 p.m.
The University has a number of male/female hostels due to heavy pressure of overseas/existing students, availability of seats for new students cannot be guaranteed.
Medical Care:
The University has well equipped separate Medical Centers for male and female students with a team of qualified doctors for free outdoor treatment of minor ailments. Cases of serious nature are referred to Government Hospitals in Islamabad for hospitalization and treatment. The Centre has also set up a laboratory to conduct various tests. The Medical Centers have three ambulances at their disposal to meet any emergency.
Banking Facility:
For payments, receipt and remittances, Habib Bank Limited maintains main branch in the H-10 Campus of the University for male students. Profit and Loss Saving Bank accounts are opened and deposits accepted under normal banking procedures. A branch of First Women Bank is also stationed in the Female Campus exclusively for female students and teachers. Students admitted to the University are advised to open their accounts with these banks. ATM facility is also provided at H-10 Campus to facilitate the students.
Sports / Recreation & Academic Competition:
The University has extensive facilities for indoor and outdoor games for boys as well girls. Our students are participating in the Inter-University competitions and winning medals, trophies & leading positions in these competitions. A modern Gymnasium is under construction for girls and shall subsequently be provided for boys also. Coaching facilities have also been made available on both Campuses. Recreation trips are arranged by the faculties for male/female students especially on weekends or during vacations. Cultural week is celebrated every year. The IIU also encourages participation of students in academic competitions seminars workshops and curriculum activities.
The University provides transport facilities for students living in Rawalpindi and Islamabad on prescribed routs only.
Post Office:
There is a branch of Post Office on the premises of the Old Campus of the University. Postal Stamps vending and Registration, Money Order remittance services are provided during working hours. Public Call Offices are also available. Establishment of a branch of Post Office on the Premises of H-10 Campus is in process.
Financial Assistance:
Requests for partial financial assistance to deserving students is considered after completion of first semester, on the basis of academic performance with minimum CGPA 3.00/4.00 and need (to be determined by Faculties and respective departments). No financial assistance is given by the University to any student during first semester. Student can apply for financial assistant with all the required information after the end of first semester in the faculty. Those who are granted financial assistance are required to maintain minimum CGPA 3.00/4.00 for continuation of financial assistance. Students are advised not to rely on Financial Assistance. The University may reduce or discontinue the provision of financial assistance at any stage depending upon its available resources and number of deserving applicants.
Worker Welfare Fund:
Worker Welfare Fund (WWF), Ministry of Labor, Government of Pakistan provides full financing for sons and daughters of registered industrial workers of public and private industrial units, if they pass test for admission for the academic programs at IIUI. University facilitates applicants for assistance from Worker Welfare Fund (WWF). Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal also facilitates IIU deserving students to some extent as per their policy.