Term “Aqeedah” refers to the basic beliefs of Muslims from the emergence of Islam. Later on Kalam (Islamic Theology) and Ilm al-Kalam appeared as a new discipline and then become amongst major disciplines of Islamic knowledge. Kalam encompasses main Islamic theological ıssues such as Ilahiyat, Nubuwwat and Sam’iyyat and many issues impinging upon the lives of human beings such as good and evil, freedom of human will and politics.
Undoubtedly, Islamic philosophy with its various areas of study embodies the genius of Muslim intellectual thought and endeavor throughout history. Its strength lies in the richness and expanse of its sub-disciplines which vary from peripatetic philosophy to rhetoric and research methodology. Logic as a science has been taught in the Department.
Mysticism, in other word Muslim Sufism, is one of the major subjects of the department. A couple of courses are given to the students in BS, MS and PhD level in the Department.
Lastly, Department takes into account methodological issues which have guided Muslim societies through their intellectual history.
Dr. Abdul Wahab Jan
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