“Praise be to Allah Who has revealed to His servant the Book devoid of all crookedness.” (Al-Kahf: 1)
“Verily Allah raises some nations through this book and reduces others through it.”  (Sahih-e-Muslim, vol. 4, p.252)
Being last message and book of the God, Muslims and non-muslims need to know the Holy Qur’an and study it in depth. History of Islamic sciences has shown us that there are thousands of translations and commentaries of the Qur’an in different languages and different societies. This is strong evidence that Muslims have already studied Qur’an and written many books on Qur’an from the very beginning of Islam till now. But again people need to study Qur’an and get benefit from its guidance because of its validity until the end of this universe.
Students of this Department should cover many aspects of the Qur’an and its science and they should study some other sciences such as Hadith, Usul-e Fıqh, Sociology, Psychology, the Bible, History of Arabs and others before Islam. Therefore they are expected to study these subjects before or at the time of their specialization. Program of the Department is designed according to the need of the students.
Department offers BS, MS and Ph.D programs for male and female students
Dr. Syed Asif Mehmood
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