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Faculty & Staff – Politics

Male Campus
Dr. Mansoor Akbar Kundi (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Phone: 051-9019931
Email: [email protected] [1]  
Dr. Muhammad Khan (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Area of Interest: Global Politics and International Relations; theories, principles, diplomacy, regional and global issues.
Email: [email protected] [2] Web Profile [3]
Dr. Manzoor Khan Afridi (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Tenured Associate Professor / Chairman
Postdoc (USA), Ph.D in IR (China)
Specialization: Pakistan-China Relations, Pakistan’s Foreign Policy, Terrorism and Pakistan Tribal Areas’ Issues, China’s Foreign Policy
Research Interests: International Relations, Pakistan-China Relations, Pakistan’s Foreign Policy, Terrorism and Pakistan Tribal Areas’ Issues, China’s Foreign Policy
Phone: 051-9019286
Email: [email protected] [4]  
Dr. Husnul Amin (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Associate Professor (Tenured)
Specialization: Political Economy, Political Islam, Peace and Conflict Studies
Phone: 051-9019474
Email: [email protected] [5]  
Dr. Tauqeer Hussain Sargana (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Assistant Professor / Incharge Anthropology Department (Male)
PhD International Relations (IIUI, Islamabad-Pakistan), MS Peace and Conflict Studies (ICU, Tokyo-Japan), M.Phil Defense and Strategic Studies (QAU, Islamabad-Pakistan), M.A International Relations (BZU, Multan-Pakistan)
Specialization: Military Thought and Contours of Warfare, Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Arms Control and Disarmament, National Security & Strategic Politics of South Asia
Areas of Research and Prospective MS/PhD Supervision: Global Nuclear Order and Politics of Non-proliferation, Arms Control and Disarmament, Evolution of Military Thought and Contours of Warfare, The Nature of War in the 21st Century, Domains and Dynamics of Hindutva Warfare, Dynamics of South Asian Nuclear Threshold and Pakistan’s Force Preparedness, The Menace of Violent Extremism and Pakistan’s Counter Terrorism Strategy
Phone: 051-9019931
Email: [email protected] [6] Web Profile [7]
Dr. Manzoor Ahmad Naazer (On Leave)
Assistant Professor
Specialization: International Relations, Regionalism, Politics of South Asia, International Political Economy
Phone: 051-9019469
Email: [email protected] [8]  
Dr. Masood-Ur-Rehman Khattak (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Ph.D – International Relations
Specialization: South Asian Security, Indian Strategic Thinking/Military Modernisation, Defence & Strategic Studies, Politics of Terrorism.
Phone: 051-9019469
Email: [email protected] [9] Web Profile [10]
Mr. Inamullah Jan
M.phil, Ph.D in progress (from Quaid -i-Azam University)
Specialization: International Relation, American Foreign Policy, FATA Development, Militancy and Terrorism
Phone: 051-9019286
Email: [email protected] [11]  
Female Campus
Dr. Amna Mahmood
Professor / Dean Faculty of Social Sciences
Specialization: Comparative Politics, China, Foreign Policies, Women Politics
Phone: 051-9019848  
Email: [email protected] [12] Web Profile [13]
  Dr. Noor Fatima
Assistant Professor / Acting Chairperson
Specialization: Political Economy & International Relations
Phone: 051-9019849
Email: [email protected] [14][email protected] [15] Web Profile [16]
Dr. Nasreen Akhtar
Assistant Professor
PhD. International Relations (Quaid-i-Azam University)
M.Phil (US history/International Relations)
M.A (Political Science)
Area of Interest: Theories of International Relations ,International Security and Regional Security ( South AsiaMiddle East ), Nuclear Proliferation, Conflict and Conflict Resolution , Foreign Policy of America, Pakistan, and India,Democracy and Ethnicity in Pakistan, Religious and Political Radicalization ( South Asia) .
Specialization: Pakistan, India, US (Foreign Policy, Politics & Security)
Phone: 051-9019891  
Email: [email protected] [17] Web Profile [18]
Dr. Sadaf Farooq (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Assistant Professor
Area of Interest: Geopolitics, Conflict and Security
Phone: 051-9019370  
Email: [email protected] [19]  
Dr. Asma Rashid
Ph.D. International Relations (Quaid-i-Azam University)
M.Phil (Gold Medalist) Quaid-i-Azam University
M.DDS (Fatima Jinnah Women University)
Area of Interest: Theories of International Relations, Foreign Policy of Major Powers Regionalism/ Regional Organizations, US Foreign Policy, Foreign Policy Analysis, Pakistan’s Foreign Policy
Phone: 051-9019867
Email: [email protected] [20] Web Profile [21]
Ms. Nadia Awan
Phone: 051-9019336
Email: [email protected] [22]  
Dr. Sarwat Jamila
Assistant Director
Phone: 051-9019336
Email: [email protected] [23] Web Profile [24]