The one year (two semesters) program leading to ME.d (Education) is designed to provide the highly trained persons in the field of Education.
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Medium of Study:
Program For:
Program Level:

Scheme of Study

1st Semester
Code Course Name Cr.Hr. Status Semester Number
UR 202 Islamic Studies-I 3 Compulsory 1st Semester
ED 302 Educational Psychology 3
ED 303 Research Methods in Education 3
ED 307 Methods of Teaching 3 Optional (For M.Ed General)
ED 309 Economics of Education 3
ED 329 Computer Science-I 3 (for M.Ed. with specialization in computer  education)
ED 330 Computer Science-II 3
2nd Semester
UR-201 Islamic Studies –II 3 Optional (For M.Ed General) (for M.Ed. with specialization in computer  education) 2nd Semester
ED 304 Curriculum Development 3
ED 305 Educational Measurement and Evaluation 3
ED 332 Computer Science –IV 3
ED 323 Thesis 6 Optional
ED 324 Advance Course in Educational Research Statistics 3
ED 325 Educational Planning & Management 3
ED 300 Islamic Education-History & Institution 3 Compulsory Summer Semester
ED 313 Secondary Education 3
ED 331 Computer Science –III 3 Optional
Total number of credit hours fro M.Ed. (General / with Specialization in computer education) his 14+6+14=34