Office of Student’s Adviser

Man is the best creature of the world created by Allah almighty, the particular distinction of human being is that it has been bestowed with a human mind. Human brain requires socialization that depends on our ability to understand and rationalize environment around us; and primary sources of our understanding comes from family and friends. Further socialization is achieved when humans interact with society at different levels; schools, colleges and universities.
Universities play the pivotal role in this socialization process, for it is final stage in the education life of any student and universities ideally should send the best and finished products to the societies so that they could face real world challenges successfully and make useful contribution to whole society. For that to be realized, universities should impart skills that encompass economic, social mental, physical and moral sphere of activities. Therefore, for this objective there are libraries, media labs studious, and classrooms;
Additionally universities arrange extra co-curricular activities which include events like Cultural Week, Seminars, Lectures, Workshops, Conferences, Sports Events, Social Events, Tours, and Study Tours etc. IIUI is one of the most prominent university which cater to the students need for extra co-curricular activities through its Students Adviser office. Students Adviser office facilitate students in this regard.