Learn Business Technology to Lead the World

The richest person in the world is the owner of an IT company (Bill Gates of Microsoft). He made his fortune from application and innovation in technology. The most valuable brand in 2014 is the name of another technology giant (Apple, the inventor of iPhones). If Bill Gates and Steve Jobs can make it happen why not anyone else, anywhere in the world because Technology made it possible for the common people to reach the world without travelling a mile. It can begin with a formal IT qualification blended with Business know how.

We are trying to create Technology Leaders with business awareness so that they can cope with the issues of knowledge based society. The key challenge is how to manage knowledge workers and knowledge seekers. The answer is technology. It has to be learned so that one can earn livelihood from the comfort of his home or develop an international business without opening an office outside his drawing room.

It suggests that unlimited opportunities are waiting for business-blended IT graduates within the country and abroad. Our graduates are serving in major IT and telecom companies. Many are operating their own businesses at national and international levels. Be one of them. Come to join us to claim the share of your potential through a formal qualification in Business Technology. Choose a qualification that suits your academic background. Apply for one of the following programmes at your convenience.

Dr. Abdul Zahid Khan
Acting Chairman
Email: [email protected]