Shariah Academy

The Shariah Academy was initially founded as an Institute of Training in Shari’ah and Legal Profession in 1981 to fulfill the task of training of those associated with legal profession in various capacities. However, the Institute was elevated to the status of an Academy to become a constituent unit of the International Islamic University in 1985.
Since its inception the Academy was given the mandate to promote the Islamic legal philosophy, orientation in Islamic law and the Islamic concept of justice through the training of judges, attorneys, prosecutors, lawyers and other legal professionals who play key role in the judicial system of the country. The programs of the Academy aim at preparing the judicial personnel to realise the aspirations of the people and constitutional imperatives calling for the Islamisation of laws. To achieve its objectives the Academy has organised its activities under three sections, Training Section, Research and Publication Section and Correspondence Courses in Islamic Law section.
The Academy through these activities is trying to put forth its humble efforts to meet the needs of the day regarding interpretation, presentation and re-organization of various disciplines of Shari’ah knowledge and modern understanding of Islamic law and jurisprudence.