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Admission Forms
(Overseas Students Only)
Sample Admission Papers [2] General [3]
Email [4] Hostel [5] Academics [6]

Title Download
Complaint Form (IT) Doc [7]
Indent Form (IT) PDF [8]
Indent Form (Purchase & Store) PDF [9]
Inspection Certificate (Purchase & Store) Doc [10] 
Requisition Form (Purchase & Store) PDF [11]
No Demand Certificate PDF [12]
Transport Requisition Form PDF [13]
Self Assessment Performa PDF [14]
Reservation Form for Auditorium at Faisal Masjid Campus PDF [15]
Reservation Form for Seminar room at Faisal Masjid Campus PDF [16]
HEC Approved PhD Supervisor Performa PDF [17]
Job Application Form (Academic Positions) PDF [18]
Job Application Form (Non-Academic Positions) PDF [19]
Job Application Form (BPS 1-5) PDF [20]
Refundable Loan Proforma PDF [21]
Non Refundable Loan Proforma PDF [22]
Refundable Festival Loan Proforma [More Details [23]] PDF [24]
House Building Advance PDF [25]
Car / Motor Cycle Advance PDF [26]
Application Form for Indoor Medical Treatment PDF [27]
Leave Application Form – FET PDF [28]
Indent Form – FET PDF [29]
Employee Attendance Sheet PDF [30]
Employee Undertaking (For Academic & Non-Academic) PDF [31]
Employee University ID Card Form PDF [34]
ID Card Re-newal Proforma PDF [35]
Leave Application Form – IIUI PDF [36]
Model Tenure Track Process Statutes PDF [37]
Pension Form PDF [38]
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Faculty/Staff Signup Form Doc [40]
Visiting Faculty Doc [41]
Student Signup Form (For CR) Excel [42]
For Student Signup Form, forward the duly signed hard copy to Web Section and email soft copy of the same form to [email protected] [43]
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Male Hostel Link [44]
Complaint Form (Male Hostel) PDF [45]
Female Hostel Link [46]
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Application for Deferment of Studies PDF [47]
Degree Request Form PDF [49]
Degree Fee Notification JPG [50]
NOC Form JPG [51]
Undertaking Form For D-GRADE PDF [52]
Guidelines for Thesis Writers PDF [53]
Program & Course Review Performa PDF [54]
Performa for MS Thesis Evaluation PDF [55]
Performa for Local Evaluation of Phd Thesis PDF [56]
Performa for Foreign Evaluation of Phd Thesis PDF [57]
Award List Performa PDF [58]
Performa for Part Time Teachers PDF [59]
Part Time Teacher Agreement PDF [60]
Performa for change of Supervisor MS-PHD PDF [61]
Extension Performa PDF [62]
Evaluation Form (MS/PhD Research Thesis/Proposal) (DCSSE) PDF [63]
BS Evaluation Forms for Final Year Project (DCSSE – Female Campus) PDF [64]
Evaluation Form (MS/PhD Research Thesis/Proposal) (DCSSE – Female Campus) PDF [65]
Bi-Annual Progress Report for MS/PhD students PDF [66]
Degree Verification Form PDF [67]
MS/PhD Synopsis Submission Performa PDF [68]
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Foreign / Expatriate Pakistani Students – Admission Forms
Overseas Admission Form PDF [69] Doc [70]
Foreign Student Information Sheet PDF [71]  
Overseas Students
Bonafide Form PDF [72]
Id Card Form PDF [73]
Joining Form PDF [74]
Undertaking PDF [75]
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Sample Papers
Department of Bioinformatics & Biotechnology
BS Biology PDF [76]
BS Bio-Informatics PDF [77]
BS Bio-Technology PDF [78]
MS Bio-Informatics PDF [79]
MS Bio-Technology PDF [80]
Department of Environmental Sciences
BS in Environmental Science PDF [81]
MS in Environmental Science PDF [82]
MSc in Environmental Science  
Sample Paper of Environmental Science  
Post graduate diploma in Environmental Management  

Department of Mathematics & Statistics
BS Mathematics PDF [83]
BS Statistics PDF [84]
MSc. Mathematics PDF [85]
MSc. Statistics PDF [86]
Note: MS Test will be based on the MCQs  
Department of Computer Science & Software Engineering
BS Computer Science Doc [89]
BS Software Engineering Doc [89]
MS, PhD (CS) Doc [90]
MS, PhD (SE) Doc [91]
Department of Urdu
BS Urdu PDF [92]
MA Urdu PDF [93]
MS Urdu PDF [94]
PhD. Urdu PDF [95]
Department of English
Guideline for Entry Test – BS/MA English PDF [96]
BS/MA English PDF [97]
MS/PhD English PDF [98]
Faculty of Engineering and Technology
MS(EE) PDF [100]
MS(ME) PDF [101]
Ph.D (EE) PDF [102]
Ph.D (ME) PDF [103]
MSEE/PhD EE: Questions will be from

  • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
  • Power
  • Control Systems
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer
  • Engineering Maths
Faculty of Social Sciences
BS (All Departments of Faculty of Social Sciences) PDF [104]
Sample papers for Politics & IR, Media & Communication Studies, Sociology, History, Psychology and Islamic Arts and Architecture Studies  
MA/MSc, MS/M.Phil and Ph.D Zip [105]
MS/M.Phil History Zip [106]
Department of Education
MA Education & MA Special Education PDF [107]
MS Education PDF [108]
PhD Education PDF [109]
International Institutes of Islamic Economics
BS (4 YEARS) Economics, Economics & Finance, Islamic Banking & Finance Doc [110]
M.Sc Economics, Economics & Finance, Islamic Banking & Finance, Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) Islamic Banking & Finance Doc [111]
MS leading to PhD Econometrics Doc [112]
Ph.D Economics, MS (Rural Development), MS Islamic Banking & Finance and MS Economics & Finance Doc [113]

Faculty of Shari‘ah & Law
Guidelines for Admission – Spring 2021  
LLM Law PDF [114]
PhD Law PDF [115]
Department of Translation & Interpretation
BS T&I PDF [117]
MS T&I PDF [118]
Department of Physics
BS Physics – Fall 2013 PDF [119]
MSc Physics – Fall 2013 PDF [120]
MS Physics – Fall 2013 PDF [121]
Old Papers ZIP [122]
Department of Urdu
BS Urdu PDF [123]
MA Urdu PDF [124]
MS Urdu PDF [125]
PhD Urdu PDF [126]
Faculty of Management Sciences
BBA PDF [127]
MBA PDF [128]
MS PDF [129]
Department of Sociology
MSC PDF [130]
Sulaiman Bin Abdullah Aba Al-Khail – Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Basic Sciences (SA-CIRBS)
MS Biosciences PDF [131]
MS Chemistry PDF [132]
MS Environmental Sciences PDF [133]
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Faculty of Arabic
PhD Arabic PDF [134]
MS Arabic PDF [135]
MA Arabic PDF [136]
BS Arabic PDF [137]
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