Speaker: Prof. Nauman Ahmed Zaffar
Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
Topic: Power Electronics, Electromagnetics of Power Converters, Optimal Designing of High
           Frequency Inductors and Transformers
This workshop will cover the fundamentals of Power Electronic converters and high frequency electromagnetic. Principles of converter steady state analysis - CCM and DCM fundamentals will be discussed in detail. It will then cover the basics of magnetics to emphasize the behavior of inductors and transformers as integral magnetic elements of power electronic circuits. The emphasis will then shift on realization of converters the role of magnetics in DC-DC, AC-DC and DC-AC converters. The isolated converter topologies will be covered in detail so that emphasis on high power converters. It will also cover some basics of loss mechanisms in magnetics along with converter utilization of magnetic materials.
The design of magnetics including high frequency inductors and transformers is also an integral part of this workshop. The designing will then be covered with pertinent examples of converters that utilize them for optimum performance. Some of the other topics that will be covered includes power converter filter design, CCM flyback transformer - energy storage inductor and transformer design

Speaker: Dr. Syed Muhammad Raza Kazmi
National University of Science & Technology (NUST, H-12)
Topic:  Practical Aspects in Power Electronic Circuit Design & Working Principles of
            Gate Driver Circuits
If the heart of a Power Electronics Unit is the Converter Topology consisting of Power Semiconductors, then the brain surely is the low power electronics responsible to produce the required switching scheme, implement the feedback control along with modulation and protection circuitry. So in this session we'll learn about the most essential signal electronics required to achieve proper Gate Drive, Auxiliary Power Supply, micro-controller interfacing and protection circuitry. The Gate Drive is of the paramount importance in power electronics. Here you'll learn the working principle of the high side gate driver that deals with the floating ground via bootstrapping.
Power Converters are costly due to use of expensive high power semiconductor devices and power converters are always at risk because of handling huge amount of current and voltage in other words high power. Therefore protection of power converters is as important as the design of power converters. The protection circuits of power converters will also be discussed at the end of the talk.

Speaker: Dr. Abdul Basit
University of Engineering & Technology (UET), Peshawar
Topic: Power Electronics Facilitating Large Scale Wind Power Integration
Globally, the challenge is not only to satisfy the growing energy demands, but to use safer, cleaner and environment friendly generation resources for electricity production. Therefore, renewable energy, namely wind power, is an important source of electricity generation with little or no pollution and global warming effects. The wind power promises a clean and free source of electricity that reduces our dependence on imported fossil fuels and the output of greenhouse gases and other pollution.
The electricity generation from wind power has started in late seventies and yet the concept of negative load has been applied to wind generators, indicating their passive role in supplying power balancing services. These services are required by the power system operators in order to secure a safe and reliable operation of the power system. Traditionally, the conventional power plants have the task to provide these services; however, as in the future the wind power is going more and more to replace conventional power plants, the sources of conventional reserve available to the system will be reduced and fewer conventional plants will be available on-line to share the regulation burden. The reliable operation of highly wind power integrated power system might then beat risk unless the wind power plants (WPPs) are able to support and participate in power balancing services.
The advancement in power electronics have developed large scaled WPPs i.e. double fed induction generator and full power converter wind turbine, where design of suitable control scheme enables them to provide support services same as conventional power plants. This session in workshop at International Islamic University, Islamabad will focus on the development of wind turbine design where power electronics have enabled WPPs to provide system services like conventional power plants and therefore playing major role in large scale wind power integration.

Speaker: Engr. Tila Muhammad
International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI, H-10)
Topic: Power Electronic Switch Implementation & Utilization in Multilevel Inverters
Power converters are used for processing electrical energy in similar way as the microprocessor are used to process small electrical signals. The converters vary from application to application as well. The power converters play an important role in generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical energy. Power Electronic switch is an integral part of all power converters. The implementation of a power electronic switch needs more knowledge and expertise as compared to other switches due to different configurations in different converters. This session of workshop will cover different techniques used for a switch to be implemented in a power electronic converters.
The focus of this session will be the utilization of switch in multilevel inverters. An important technique of isolated power supply for gate driver will also be presented to remove the boot-strap capacitor. By the removal of boot-strap capacitor improvement of less driver dependency on frequency will also be discussed in this lecture. Some practical demonstration of power electronic converters indigenously designed and developed at Power Electronic Research and Development Laboratory of International Islamic University, Islamabad will be presented to support the validity of concepts.

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2nd National Workshop on Power Electronics with Renewable Integration
8th to 9th October, 2016
Islamabad, Pakistan