Research and Publications Department

One of the main objectives of the Academy is to promote Islamic legal philosophy, and Islamic concept of justice, through production of Islamic legal literature and make it accessible to the members of legal fraternity. Keeping in view the objectives of the Academy, an independent Department of Research & Publications has been established in the Academy. This department is responsible for carrying out research and translation work and to produce Shari‘ah related material.

The Department of Research and Publications has so far published a total of 122 titles which include books, monographs, translations and units of various correspondence courses in Islamic law. A brief overview of Academy’s publications is as follow:

The object of the project is to produce original research works on different topics of Islamic law in order to provide reading material to the students of Shari‘ah, law and other relevant disciplines and also to produce research based original books on issues of the day.
The objective of this project is to produce research oriented booklets on different topics of Shari‘ah/law in Urdu/English. Average volume of each monograph is up to 100 pages.
To provide the common readers with an access to the original sources of Islamic law and to the work of Arab scholars on contemporary issues, the Academy has undertaken its translation programme. The focus of this programme is on two main categories viz. Urdu translation of multi volume reference books and Urdu translation of modern publications of Arab scholars on current legal issues from Islamic perspective. Some significant books of Islamic law were selected in this regard and some of which have already been published, where as work on others is in progress.
Units for the Correspondence Courses
This project is meant to prepare the reading material for the participants of the Correspondence Courses of the Academy. Presently the Academy is running two courses of this series with 24 Units for each course. Many reprints of each series, since last two decades have appeared so far.
Sales and Distribution
The Department of Research and Publications of the Academy is also responsible of distribution and sales of its publications. Books are presented to the dignitaries visiting the University as per instructions of the University authorities; the sales unit of the department also manages the sale of the publications. Special discount is offered to the students and teachers of IIUI. Bookstalls are arranged from time to time for exposure and promotion of Academy’s Publications. Special Bookstalls take place during the lawyers’ regional courses in major cities of the country. In addition to that the Academy takes part in the book fairs arranged by different quarters of the society at national level.
Brief Statement of Publications

A brief statement describing the publications of the Academy is as under:

Total Publications                               122
            Books                                                  41 (02 multi volumes)
            Monographs                                        04
            Translation                                          18 (04 Multi volume)
Units for Elementary Course              24
Units for Advance Course                  24
Units for Family Law Course             11

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