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The field of Translation & Interpretation is as old as human beings are. But as one branch of Applied Linguistics, this field emerged in the developed world during sixties of the previous century. According to a survey conducted in the year2000, there were 230 academic institutions world-wide offering interpreter training programs (written translation is not included) in more than 60 countries.
Now this number has increased many-folds, because the field continues gaining popularity and currency as well as it continues to fulfill the social, economic and market needs effectively. In addition, importance of literary & scientific translation cannot be over emphasized.
Why a Degree in Translation & Interpretation?
  1. An academic degree in the field of Translation( like other disciplines) is outcome of the increasing market demand for quality. Well versed & well groomed professionals in translation theory practice can serve the diverse market needs better than orthodox translation workers.
  2. At present, more than 90% of our students are from China. The major reason for this overwhelming number is that the flourishing market and industry of China is in dire need of the graduates proficient in three languages i.e. Arabic, English and Chinese. Our experience of BS T&I has strengthened the belief that this market is expanding.
  3. In Pakistan there are Arab Embassies and foreign missions that always look for trained and qualified translators and Interpreters. Moreover some Pakistani official Institutions like foreign office, ministry of information, ministry of interior, ministry of culture and APP hire the services of translators and Interpreters.
  4. The market niche of Translation & Interpretation in world (& Pakistan no exception) is also a growing trend; be it the translation of testimonials, seminars/conference interpretation, dubbing, subtitling, translation in press, electronic media, legal & medical domains.
  5. It is observed that there is increasing awareness among the stakeholders, for want of the services of qualified translators to render manuals, books, literary and scientific material.
  6. Research in the area of translation has provided the evidence that translation studies can play pivotal roles in bridging the communication gap among nations & civilizations. It can also help in better understanding of the cultural chemistry of others.
Our BS Translation & Interpretation program
  1. As a result of MoU signed by the Rector IIUI and the Chairman CPPCC YINCHUAN CITY, China in 2006, a BA Honor Translation & Interpretation (Arabic-English) program was started in the Faculty of Arabic.
  2. This Self-Financed program began in September 2006 with 35 students (23 males & 12 Females). All students were from China. Number of Students kept increasing during the ensuing years. At present there are about 250 male & female students from different nationalities like China, Pakistan, Mauritius, and Thailand.
  3. In the beginning, this program was initiated for the Chinese students only. However in the year 2008 the program was made open for all nationalities. In the same year the nomenclature of the program was changed from BA (H) T & I to BS T & I.
  4. Well thought scheme of study comprises135 credit hours including 40% GC courses & 60% courses of the areas of translation & Interpretation. With this scheme of study, we endeavor to provide an opportunity to our students to become proficient in 4 skills of English & Arabic and to become experts in, at least, one source language & one target language.
  5. We believe in constant review of our efforts, hence a mechanism for improvement, adjustment & change is in place to make sure that the quality of delivery remains at par.
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