Seminars / Others Conferences Workshops
Seminar on “Competition Law” December 14, 2016
Seminar in Urdu Department   September 27, 2016
Condolence Reference   May 10, 2016
الدورة التنشيطية لطالبات الدكتوراة April 25-26, 2016
Official Statistics and the role of Academia April 08, 2016
Seminar on “Women Rights In Islam And Pakistani Legal System” March 30, 2016
Applications of Computational Mechanics for Real World Problem Solving March 24, 2016
International Conference on Halal Food: Principles, Shariah Standards & Contemporary Issues May 03-04, 2017
3rd National Conference on Mathematical Sciences April 27-28, 2017
International Conference On “Role of Islamic Universities in Teaching of Arabic To Non-native Speakers” March 06-07, 2017
International Conference on
Reconstruction of Thoughts, Education, Society & Civilization from an Islamic Perspective:
Appraisal of Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi’s Contribution
February 22-23, 2017
International Conference on Distance Education and E-Learning (ICDEEL-2016) December 19-20, 2016
International Conference on Women, Environment and Environmental Justice (ICWEEJ) December 07-09, 2016
5th IABR Conference on Contemporary Challenges Of Management And Innovation In Developing Countries May 17-18, 2016
Conference on “History and its Dimensions in Pakistan” October 26-27, 2016
International Conference on “Judicial System of Islam” April 5-6, 2016
International Conference on The New Global City: Presenting and Translating Cultures with in a Worldwide Citizenry May 12th-14th, 2016
International Conference on INNOVATION IN TEACHING AND LEARNING April 25-26, 2016
Seerat-e-Nebi Conference, 2016 – DCW January 13, 2016
2nd National Workshop on Power Electronics with Renewable Integration October 8-9, 2016
4 days workshop on Islamic Finance For Female University Graduates :: Register Online May 16-20, 2016
Two Days Workshop on “Make your Research Life Easier with Mendeley Research Tool” May 11-12, 2016
Two Days Workshop on “Defining the Scope of Research in The Paradigm of Islamic Studies” January 26-27, 2016
4 Days Workshop on Islamic FinanceRegistration Form January 25-28, 2016
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