The Academic Council is the academic body of the University and subject to the provisions of this Ordinance and the Statutes have the power to lay down proper standards of instruction, research and examinations and to regulate and promote the academic life of the University.

The Academic Council advised the Board of Governors on academic matters and exercises such powers and performs such duties as may be assigned to it by the Board of Governors and those prescribed by the Statutes. The Academic Council consisting of the following members:-


President, IIU (Chairman)
1.         Prof. Dr. Ahmad Yousif A. Al-Draiweesh,
            President, IIU, Islamabad

Vice-President, IIU (Members)
2.         Prof. Dr. M. Bashir Khan,
            Vice-President (Academics), IIU, Islamabad.

Directors General (Members)

3.         Mr. Gulzar Ahmed Khwaja,
            Director General (AF&P), IIU, Islamabad

4.         Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tahir Mansoori,
            Director General, Shariah Academy, IIU, Islamabad

5.         Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Yasin,
            Acting Director General, IIIE, IIU, Islamabad

6.         Dr. Zia ul Haq,
            Director General, Islamic Research Institute, IIU, Islamabad.

7.         Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz Zafar,
            Deputy Director General, Dawah Academy, IIU, Islamabad.

Dean, of the Faculties (Members)
8.         Dr. Muhammad Tahir Hakeem,
            Professor & Dean,
            Faculty of Shariah & Law,
            IIU, Islamabad

9.         Prof. Dr. Ahmad Yousif A. Al-Draiweesh,
            Faculty of Islamic Studies (Usuluddin),
            IIU, Islamabad

10.       Prof. Dr. Nabi Bux Jumani,
            Professor & Dean,
            Faculty of Social Sciences
            IIU, Islamabad

11.       Prof. Dr. Muhammad Bashir Khan,
            Professor & Dean,
            Faculty of Management Sciences
            IIU, Islamabad

12.       Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sher,
            Professor & Dean,
            Faculty of Basic & Applied Sciences
            IIU, Islamabad

13.       Prof. Dr. Aqdas Naveed Malik,        
            Professor & Acting Dean,
            Faculty of Engineering and Technology
            IIU, Islamabad

14.       Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Bashir,
            Acting Dean,
            Faculty of Arabic
            IIU, Islamabad

15.        Dr. Munawar Iqbal Ahmed Gondal,
            Acting Dean,
            Faculty of Languages & Literature,
            IIU, Islamabad.

Directors of Institutes (Members)
16.       Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Ahmad,
            Executive Director, IRD
            IIU, Faisal Masjid Campus, Islamabad

17.       Dr. Zaitoon Begum,
            Acting Director, Female Campus
            IIU, Islamabad

18.       Dr. Irshad Ahmad Arshad,
            Director (QEC),
            IIU, Islamabad

Professor Emeritus / Professors (Members)
19.       Prof. Dr. Zafar Ishaq Ansari,
            Professor Emeritus,
            IIU, Faisal Masjid Campus, Islamabad

20.       Prof. Dr. Sa’ad Muhammad Hassan Abou Abda,
            Professor, Faculty of Shariah & Law,
            IIU, Islamabad.

21.       Prof. Dr. Abdul Tawab Hilmi Muhammad Mahmood,
            Professor, Faculty of Shariah & Law,
            IIU, Islamabad.

22.       Prof. Dr. Zafarullah Baig,
            Professor, Faculty of Islamic Studies (Usuluddin
            IIU, Islamabad

23.       Prof. Dr. Ahmad Jan,
            Professor, Faculty of Islamic Studies (Usuluddin)
            IIU, Islamabad

24.       Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali Abdul Hafeez,
            Professor (Islamic Art & Architecture),
            Faculty of Social Sciences,
            IIU, Islamabad.

25.       Prof. Dr. Muhammad Irfan Khan,
            Department of Environmental Science,
            Faculty of Basic & Applied Sciences, IIU, Islamabad

26.       Prof. Dr. Zafar M. Khalid,
            Professor (Bioinformatics/Biotechnology),
            Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences,
            IIU, Islamabad.

27.       Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Khan,
            Faculty of Engineering & Technology,
            IIU, Islamabad.

28.       Prof. Dr. Abdul Latif,
            Faculty of Management Sciences,
            IIU, Islamabad.

29.       Prof. Dr. Mohammad al Ghazali,
            Professor, Islamic Research Institute
            IIU, Islamabad

30.       Prof. Dr. Mostafa Ahmad Hassan Emam,
            Professor, Faculty of Arabic,
            IIU, Islamabad

31.       Prof. Dr. Farkhanda Zia,
            Professor, Faculty of Shariah & Law,
            IIU, Islamabad

Two teachers to be appointed by the Rector, IIU (Members)
32.       Dr. Muhammad Tahir Khalily,
            Associate Professor/Chairman
            Department of Psychology,
            Faculty of Social Sciences,
            IIU, Islamabad

33.       Dr. Habib-ur-Rehman Asim,
            Deputy Dean,
            Faculty of Arabic, IIU, Islamabad.

Two eminent scholars to be nominated by the BOG (Members)
34.       Prof. Dr. Saeeda Assadullah Khan,
            Ex-Vice Chancellor (FJWU)

35.       Prof. Dr. Azra Khanum,
            Professor (UAAR)

One of the Dean or Director appointed by the President (Secretary)
36.       Ms. Shagufta Haroon,   
            Director, (Academics), IIU, Islamabad

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