The Mission

1. To develop the International Islamic University as the Premier seat of learning in South Asia with special emphasis on Islamic disciplines, the Hadith, Fiqh,   History, Islamic Thought & Civilization and Social Sciences occupying the central position.

2. To highlight and define the relevance of Islam in changing modern times to the whole human life, thought and action.

3. To provide a sound intellectual and scholastic foundation for the ideological, moral, intellectual, social, economic and technological development of the Muslim Ummah within the framework of the values, ideals, principles and norms of Islam.

4. To produce skilled personnel for effective implementation of Islamic norms and values and management of Islamic institutions of Pakistan in particular and other parts of the world in general.

5. To foster cooperation and promote mutual understanding among the institutions working for the advancement of Islamic learning and knowledge in different parts of the world for the realization of common objectives.

6. To study and interpret the teachings of Islam in the context of the intellectual and scientific progress of the modern world.

7. To encourage and promote education, training and research in different areas of learning such as social, natural, applied and communication sciences with special emphasis on Islamic learning.

The University achieves these goals by:
  • Providing advance studies, research, education and training in Islamic Disciplines, Humanities, Social, Physical, Natural, Management, and Engineering Sciences;
  • Promoting reinterpretation of modern thought and research in the various fields and seeking practical Islamic approach on contemporary issues facing the Ummah;
  • Devising ways and means to develop Islamic personality, building model Islamic behaviour and conduct, inculcating Islamic values;
  • Making arrangements for proper dissemination of results of research, through publication and other media of communication; and
  • Opening its doors to all without any discrimination of caste, creed, colour, race, religion or sex.
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