Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The basic purpose of this degree is to provide a through knowledge of main disciplines relevant to business management. In this program the students are provided a strong foundation in the basic fields and are also exposed to the latest issues and topics facing business leaders today. Generally, BBA is not a terminal degree and students would go for their MBA before getting into the job market. However, the program is designed in such a way that graduates should be capable of getting reasonable jobs.
Program Requirement:
• Duration 4 Years
• 144 Credit Hours
   • Core : 126 Credit Hours
   • Elective : 12 Credit Hours
   • Project: 6 Credit Hours
• 6-8 week internship
• Comprehensive Exam
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Medium of Study:
Program Level:
Under Graduate
Program For:
Male (60 Seats) & Female (60 Seats)
Scheme of Study
ACT201 Fundamentals of Accounting Core  
ACT501 Financial Accounting Core  
ACT301 Cost Accounting Core  
MKT201 Fundamentals of Marketing Core  
MKT507 Marketing Management Core  
MKT503 Consumer Behavior Core  
MGT202 Principles of Management Core  
MGT501 Organizational Behaviour Core  
MGT502 Human Resource Management Core  
MGT506 Business Research Methods Core  
MGT507 Operations Management Core  
MGT401 Entrepreneurship Core  
MGT302 Business Law Core  
ECO201 Principles of Microeconomics Core  
ECO202 Principles of Macroeconomics Core  
ECO403 Pakistan Economy Core  
ECO301 Islamic Banking and Finance Core  
ECO404 International Business and WTO Core  
Information Technology
COM201 IT in Business Core  
MIS501 Management Information System Core  
COM302 E-Commerce Core  
Quantitative Techniques
QNT201 Business Mathematics Core  
QNT301 Business Statistics Core  
QNT401 Statistical Inference Core  
UR107 Functional English-I/Freshman English-I Core  
UR108 Functional English-II/ Freshman English-II Core  
MGT201 Oral Communication and Presentation Core  
MGT607 Business Communication Core  
FIN201 Business Finance Core  
FIN501 Financial Management Core  
FIN505 Financial Institutions and Markets Core  
FIN502 Project Appraisal and Management Core  
Social Sciences
SS201 Logic    
SS202 Introduction to Psychology    
SS301 Introduction to Sociology    
UR111 Pakistan Studies    
SS401 Business and Islamic Ethics    
UR (University Requirement)
UR103 Functional Arabic-I    
UR104 Functional Arabic-II    
UR109 Islamic Studies-I    
UR110 Islamic Studies-II    
UR113 Fiqh Studies    
   • 4 Elective Courses
   • Compulsory (6 Credit Hours)
Comprehensive Exam:
   • Comprehensive Exam (on Fail/Pass Basis)
   • 6-8 Weeks Internship
Elective Courses
MKT602 Sales & Selling Management    
MKT604 Export Marketing    
MKT618 Integrated Marketing Communication    
MKT610 International Marketing/ Global Marketing    
MKT617 Seminar in Marketing    
MKT616 Personal Selling    
MKT612 Brand Management    
MKT619 Internet Marketing/Cyber Marketing    
MKT504 Services Marketing    
MKT607 Industrial Marketing    
MKT619 Retail Marketing    
MKT502 Marketing Research    
MKT508 Supply Chain Management    
FIN603 International Financial Management    
FIN602 Analysis of Financial Statement    
FIN614 Seminar in Finance    
FIN504 Corporate Finance    
FIN605 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management    
FIN615 Insurance Management    
FIN610 Risk Management    
MGT613 Organizational Development    
MGT614 Change Management    
MGT611 Total Quality Management    
MGT615 Crises Management    
MGT616 Comparative Management    
MGT617 Knowledge Management    
MGT618 Health Care Services Management    
MGT619 Education Management    
MGT620 NGO’s Management    
MGT509 Environment Management    
MGT510 Hospital Management    
MDGT511 SME Management    
Information Technology
COM501 Computer Networking    
COM502 Operating System    
COM503 Expert System & Artificial Intelligence    
COM504 System Analysis & Design    
COM505 Seminar in MIS    
COM506 Net Working Management    
BAN501 Practice and Law of Banking    
BAN601 International Banking    
BAN608 Consumer Banking    
BAN609 Credit Analysis & Investment Banking    
BAN610 Banks Management    
BAN611 Seminar in Banking    
Hotel Management
MGT621 Hotel Services Marketing    
MGT622 Hotel Financing & Budgeting    
ECO505 Public Finance    
ECO503 Managerial Economics    
ECO601 Financial Economics    
Human Resource Management
MGT503 Job Analysis, Planning, Evaluation & Appraisal    
MGT504 Recruitment, Selection& Induction    
MGT505 Personnel Training & Development    
MGT603 Industrial Personnel & Labour Management    
MGT608 Negotiation and Conflict Management    
MGT612 Labour Relation Management in a Changing Environment    
MGT512 Compensation Management    
MGT513 Personal Management/Management Skills    
MGT514 Labour Laws    
Note: The students may also be offered the elective courses in addition to the above from the list already approved by the academic council.
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