Dawah Library


The Da’wah library has been developed in a period of less than two decades from a zero level to a level, where it is now capable of adequately supporting the research, training and publications programmes of the academy. It not only maintains a reasonable size of textbooks in the field of Da’wah but also most of the related fields are represented in its present stock.
 Accessibility to the Library Resources
Accessibility to the library services are two fold at present; it is open and accessible to the academic, research and training staff, the academy and the university for physical consultation during office hours. The facility of online Catalogue search for researchers, staff and senior administrators is under process through Local Area Network (LAN). Efforts are underway to get the entire stock computerized in the next couple of years as a long-term automation programme of the library.
 Future Plans of the Library
The Academy foresees the library source as a viable means of development, growth and expansion. Activity expansion and growth is not possible in an academic institution without a parallel growth of its library sources. While the Academy has now set its foots on a short and long term plan of rapid expansion, it is envisaged that the library source will also develop to a level to regard it as one of leading collection of knowledge in the field of Da’wah in Pakistan and the Islamic world. Following paragraphs will reveal the short and long term plan of the library in terms of growth in its stock and a parallel growth in the infrastructure and technical requirements.

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