The library provides reference, photocopying and lending services to its members. Research scholars are also given the opportunity to benefit from Internet services available at the library. Access to HEC digital library is also available. Current awareness services including select subject bibliographies, contents of fresh research journals and fresh arrivals lists are also available.
The membership facilities are only available to IRI research scholars, faculty members of the university and the post-graduate students of International Islamic University. Undergraduate students of the university are allowed to sit and study in the library. The library resources are also available to outside researchers, both Pakistani and overseas.
Library Publications
The library professional staff regularly contributes articles to research journals and produces special bibliographies and indexes. About thirty special bibliographies, indexes and research articles already have been published.
Automation and Digitization
80% of the library’s total collection has already been computerized. The library has also started digitization of the Institute’s research journals and as well as its rare collection. All files of Islamic Studies, Al-Dirasat al Islamiyyah and Fikr-o-Nazar and about two hundred rare books have already been digitized.
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