Notifications 2015

Brief Description Date Published Details
Academic Calendar 2015-16 26-08-2015 Download
Merit/Position/Gold Medal Certificate 31-07-2015 Download
I.T. Usage Policy 29-07-2015 Download
Low Voltage Issue 27-05-2015 Download
Employee Detail Form: BPS 1-16 (Revised) 16-03-2015 Download
Prime Minister’s Tuition Fee Reimbursement Scheme for Less Developed Areas (Revised) – Application Form 03-03-2015 Download
Extension in Renewal of Seats in Hostel 23-02-2015 Download
Extension in submission of forms for Hostel Seat Renewal 20-02-2015 Download
Hostel Seat Renewal – Female (Download Form) 03-02-2015 Download
Hostel Seat Renewal – Male (Download Form) 02-02-2015 Download
Launching of Updated/Revised System of Seats Renewal in Hostels – Male 28-01-2015 Download
Office Order (Guest Houses) 28-01-2015 Download
IIU Opens for Students 12-01-2015 Download


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